Bhaktapur Sallaghari Accident: Death and Injuries reported

Bhaktapur Sallaghari Accident was caused by a sudden fall of the tree while a Bus and a Scooter were on their way yesterday afternoon, Locals said this was an old tree that was brought down by wind after 12:00 noon today – 24th July 2022.

Metropolitan Police Range Bhaktapur says the vehicles were in motion when the contact happened.

Bhaktapur Sallaghari Accident

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According to Range information officer Deputy Superintendent of Police, Raju Pandey,

  • (Ba 2 Kha 3584) was heading to Dudhpati from Kathmandu via Thimi
  • (Ba 61 Pa 3968) was en route to Sallaghari from Dudhpati, Bhaktapur

when the accident happened.

According to an Online radio report, there is 3 death and their identity is yet to be confirmed and while the other 12 has being injured in the accident.

They were rushed to Iwamura Hospital, Sallaghari, Madhyapur Hospital Thimi, and the Bhaktapur International Hospital. To avoid any further casualties.

It is said that the number of injured may rise.

Bhaktapur Accident Sallaghari

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