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.NP.Com Cover Letter Generator

Domain Availability Checker is still under monitoring and might not show correct data; please check if your desired Domain name is available through https://register.com.np/.

How to write a Cover Letter for free .com.np domain?

You must write a Cover Letter for free .com.np domain registration by providing the following information listed below:

  1. Name,
  2. Email Address,
  3. Phone Number,
  4. Desired Domain Name
    • E.g. harikumarthapa
  5. Click on Generate and
  6. Then you will get Download Link.

After creating a cover letter, downloading it to request a free personal domain address from register.com.np is easy and quick.

Check out the sample cover letter for more information.

.com.np Registration Cover Letter Sample for Citizens

To the HostMaster,
NP ccTLD Registration Services
Hiti Pokhari, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Today's Date"

Subject: Application to register "Desired Domain Name".

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am "Your Name" writing to request you for the registration of "Your Desired Domain Name".

I have attached a scanned photo of my citizenship with this email for identity verification.

I would be very grateful indeed for your help. Needless to say, I will be glad to supply you with any further information you may need. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Sincerely,
"Your Name"
"Current Address"
"Emial Address"
"Phone Number"

.com.np Registration Cover Letter Sample for Company

To the HostMaster,
NP ccTLD Registration Services
Hiti Pokhari, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Today's Date"

Subject: Application to register "Desired Domain Name.com.np"

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Company Name to request you for Desired Domain Name (Company's Name) registration. We believe getting this domain is crucial for our online presence and client communication.

I've attached our PAN Card and Company's registration certificate for the domain name Desired Domain Name (Company's Name).com.np registration.

We meet all registration criteria and comply with regulations. We're committed to maintaining a professional online presence and following policies.

Thanks for considering our application. We're excited to complete the registration process!

Best regards,

Company Name
Email: Email Address
Mobile: Phone Number
Address: Company Address

You can also instantly generate a cover letter for .com.np domain registration in Nepal with Nepali Nerd Cover Letter Generator; it has all the information required to get approval for your Domain Name.

Disclaimer: We do not store your information. We use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to generate this simple letter. After reloading, no information is saved on our website.


How do I write a cover letter for Domain?

You can use Nepali Nerd’s free cover letter generator to write a cover letter for free .com.np domain in Nepal. This tool writes letters for you within a few seconds. All you need to provide is basic information.

Do I need to pay for a Cover Letter in Nepal?

No, creating a cover letter is free of cost on our website, “Nepali Nerd”.

Is my Information safe?

Yes, it is completely safe, as this generator code I use does not save any information. The form fields generate the cover letter text, which is then displayed on the screen and can be downloaded as a text file.

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