Watching free movies online on 123movies is legal?

Let us be honest this is not the first time you’ve heard of this site where you can watch free movies online 123movies. This site has been on the web for around 2/3 years before being taken down.

But still, as of 26th, May 2022 people stream the latest movies online for free through clone sites.

So, how did a website which was once receiving millions of traffic vanished?

123movies origin and ending?

The website was launched around 2015/16 and was reported to operate from Vietnam with the main source of revenue coming from Advertising.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), “124movies was the most popular illegal site in the world”. There was an estimate of around 98 million visitors per month eagar to watch free movies online in this website.

It was finally shut down in March 2018 after the Vietnamese authorities’ criminal investigation was going on.

And on 19 March 2018, the site’s homepage has a notice for all its visitors regarding shutting down and requesting people to watch the movie legally.

free movie online site 123movies review - shut down notice from 2018
123movies’s announcement of the shutdown

Even though the site was taken down years ago this mirror still exists year after. The clone of the website is still running wild and free.

Is watching free movies online from 123movies legal?

Before answering this let us know how these sites impact the movies and the team that produced them. Without any doubt, they are affected one way or another.

Sites like this are quick to copy or pirate the latest movies and release them on their website in the first week or even before the initial release.

As we know these sites are completely charge-free and generate revenue through ads and do not charge viewers for subscriptions.

Which is gonna impact their earning potential as potential viewers are gonna watch the movie from the internet without paying a single dime to the content creators.

Even countries like Nepal have huge numbers of viewers on these illegal sites.

So, Is it illegal to watch free movies online?

According to information from different sources, it seems it is illegal to stream movies from 123movies. As the site is showing content without paying rights.

It is the site owner who is violating the Copyright Act by distributing the Unlicensed content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I get in trouble for Streaming 123movies?

    To date, there seems to be no record of someone being jailed for streaming movies from any illegal site.
    We strongly recommend staying away from these sites.

  2. Is 123movies illegal?

    Even though the original site is now offline still the clones still exist. And without any doubt, it is very illegal to share copyright content.

    123movies is illegal and banned in the United States and many other countries.

  3. Who owned this site?

    Very little information is on the web regarding the owner or creator of 123 movies.
    All we know is that the editors were from Vietnam.

  4. Is there an alternative?

    There are hundreds if not thousands of sites currently online where you can stream pirated movies.

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