List of Speakers of Lok Sabha 1952 to 2023

Speakers of Lok Sabha

Who is the Speaker of Lok Sabha?

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha in India is the presiding officer of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India.

If you are wondering who elects, then the Speaker is elected by the members of the Lok Sabha from amongst themselves and holds office until the dissolution of the Lok Sabha. Speaker is responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the Lok Sabha and conducts the business of the House.

The Speaker also presides over the impeachment proceedings of the President of India and performs other duties as prescribed in the Constitution of India.

Some of the notable Speakers of the Lok Sabha include G. V. Mavalankar, Balram Jakhar, Rabi Ray, Meira Kumar, Sumitra Mahajan, and Om Birla.

You can check out the full list of speakers of look sabha from 1952 to 2022 in the table below.

List of Speakers of Lok Sabha 1952 – 2022

No.Lok Sabha Speaker NameDateParty
1Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar15 May 1952 | 27 Feb 1956Congress
2M. A. Ayyangar8 March 1956 | 10 May 1957
11 May 1957 | 16 April 1962
3Sardar Hukam Singh17 April 1962 | 16 March 1967Congress
4Neelam Sanjiva Reddy17 March 1967 | 19 July 1969Congress
5Gurdial Singh Dhillon8 Aug 1969 | 19 March 1971
22 March 1971 | 1 Dec 1975
6Bali Ram Bhagat15 Jan 1976 | 25 March 1977Congress
7Neelam Sanjiva Reddy26 March 1977 | 13 July 1977Janatha Party
8K. S. Hegde21 July 1977 | 21 January 1980Janatha Party
9Balram Jakhar22 Jan 1980 | 15 Jan 1985
16 Jan 1985 | 18 Dec 1989
10Rabi Ray19 Dec 1989 | 9 July 1991Janata Dal
11Shivraj Patil10 July 1991 | 22 May 1996Congress
12P. A. Sangma23 May 1996 | 23 March 1998Congress
13G. M. C. Balayogi24 March 1998 | 19 Oct 1999
22 Oct 1999 | 03 March 2002
Telugu Desam
14Manohar Joshi10 May 2002 | 02 June 2004Shiv Sena
15Somnath Chatterjee4 June 2004 | 30 May 2009Communist
16Meira Kumar30 May 2009 | 04 June 2014Congress
17Sumitra Mahajan6 June 2014 | 16 June 2019BJP
18Om Birla18 June 2019 | Till presentBJP
List of Lok Sabha Speakers’ Name with Party and Date

Meira Kumar from Congress and Sumitra Mahajan from BJP are the only two female speakers of Lok sabha to date from 1952 to 2022.

Common Questions

who is the first speaker of Lok sabha?

Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar from the Indian National Congress party was the first speaker of the Lok sabha he served between 15 May 1952 to 27 Feb 1956.

who is the current speaker of Lok sabha 2023?

Om Birla from Bhartiya Janata Party is the current speaker of Lok Sabha from 18 June 2019 to till date.

The Speaker of Lok sabha is elected by

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by the members among themselves and is also responsible for presiding over the Joint Session of Parliament. The Speaker can call a joint session of both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

Which party member has the most Lok Sabha speaker?

Indian National Congress party has a total of 10 speakers out of 18 in total to date.

Who is the first female Lok sabha speaker?

Meira Kumar from the Indian National Congress party is the first female Lok sabha speaker who served from 30 May 2009 to 04 June 2014.

Sumitra Mahajan is second from the BJP party.

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