Nairobi fly in Nepal | Symptom, Protection & Medicine

Nairobi fly in nepal - medicine, symptom and more

These days in a different part of Nepal we are seeing cases of skin disease and if you don’t know yet it might be due to Nairobi Fil also commonly known as Acid Fly.

These cases have already been confirmed and are on the rise in our neighboring country India, especially in Sikkim there is a huge number of cases of Nairobi Fly attacks. also, many other districts of north Bengal including Darjeeling and parts of Bhutan have been these cases.

Nairobi fly infection in Nepal

Currently, there are many creators on social media creating content to raise awareness among people about this outbreak. Nepal has already seen a few cases in many districts and cities.

Even though these are African insects but in recent days we’ve seen them in Siliguri, Sikkim and now in Jhapa, Nepal, and some in Chitwan as well. Has this Acid Fly seen in your city in Nepal?

What is Nairobi Fly?

Also known as “dragon bug” is a native of East Africa a species of rove beetle in the genus Paederus. It releases a corrosive substance known as pederin, which can cause chemical burns if it comes into contact with skin.

How does Nairobi Fly Attack?

It is said these insect kills pests or other insects on farms which is good for human but if we get in contact with it then there are certain consequences we can face.

So, what should you do if Acid Fly manages to sting you? well according to Health Experts these insect bite effects are minimal. All the pain and rasses are due to its acid which in experts’ view is sour. When it’s released on the skin it is dangerous.

How to protect yourself from Nairobi flies?

Protect from Acid fly or Nairobi fly in Nepal
Nairobi fly in Nepal protection

In case, if you came into contact with a Nairobi Fly, Protecting yourself is easy all you need to do is stay calm and not kill it or move. Slowly shake or throw the insect without disturbing it, as the fly might attack with its acidic fluid. Due to these acids, a quick allergic reaction is seen in the skin.

These flys seem to attack those who are working outdoor such as engineers onfield or farmers. or those who work or stay at night with lights on.

  • Sleep under mosquito nets
  • Do not kill, gently brushed off
  • If acid is released, wash the area with soap
  • Wear full sleeve clothes

Symptoms of Nairobi Fly

Symptom or effects of Nairobi fly attack in nepal
Nairobi fly in Nepal attack symptoms

These are a few symptoms of Acid fly seen in the recent cases

  1. Redness of the skin
  2. Burning sensation on the skin
  3. itching, and
  4. oozing

Is medicine available for Nairobi’s Attack?

Yes, there are a few recommended medications available, but please do not take if you’ve been taking any other medicine. Consult your doctor before.

Watch the video below to know all the medicines, for pain, rashes, and stopping infection.

Informative Tik Tok Video on Nairobi Fly in Nepal


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♬ original sound – Nepalese Doctor
Info about Acid Fly or Nairobi by Dr. Nitesh Ghimire

I think we’ve seen more dangerous crises than this and we can fight these little insects with little precautions, stay safe, and have a good day.

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