Sim Detector – Ncell or NTC number checker

SIM Detector Tool

SIM Detector tool – a quick and easy way to identify the operator of a mobile number in Nepal. Whether it’s Ncell or NTC (Namaste), this tool helps you determine the SIM operator.

Just enter the 10-digit number you want to check, and our tool will provide you with accurate information about the mobile carrier’s operator.

How to Use?

  1. Enter Number: Provide the 10-digit mobile number in the input field without including the country code (977, 977-, or 0).
  2. Click Detect SIM: Press the “Detect SIM” button to identify the mobile operator associated with the provided number.
  3. View Result: The tool will display the SIM operator (Ncell, NTC, etc.) and the corresponding logo.

SIM Detector Nepal is used to identify if the sim you own or want to check is Ncell or Namaste. Most people are usually confused about the sim their friends and family are of which operator.

This tool will show you which sim card the number is.


Do I need to add a country code to the number?

No, the tool automatically ignores the country codes (977 or 0) so you can simply enter the 10-digit number.

How accurate is the tool in identifying SIM operators?

The tool uses known number ranges to identify operators accurately. However, it might not cover all possible scenarios.

Is my entered information stored or tracked?

No, the tool operates locally in the user’s browser, and no information is stored or tracked. Your privacy is maintained.

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