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This blog post explains obtaining a police clearance report online in Nepal, including the required documents and the application process.

A Police Report is a document issued by the Nepal Police that officially documents a person’s criminal history.

It is also known as a “Police Clearance Certificate or Character Certificate” and is issued to Nepali citizens who need to prove that they have no criminal record. This report contains information about any criminal cases, charges or convictions a person may have had.

In the past, obtaining a police clearance report involved visiting the police station and submitting an application form. Now, you can apply through Online Police Clearance Registration System, and the process has become more convenient and efficient.

Process to get police clearance certificate in Nepal

Police Clearance Certificate Image
Sample for Nepali Police Clearance Certificate

To receive a Police Clearance Certificate through an online application, follow the simple process below.

After applying for an online application for the police report, they will verify your form and uploaded documents. Once they complete checking, you will see a completed status. Now, you can download it.

Documents Required

You can either scan or take pictures of these documents.

1. For Nepali citizens in the country

  1. Citizenship (Front and Back Side)
  2. Passport (2,3 and 31 no. page)
  3. Passport size colour photograph (Recent).
  4. Nabalik Pramanpatra | If Applicant is under age.
  5. Marriage Certificate (If Married)
  6. Migration Certificate | Basai Sarai (If moved)

 2. For Foreigners

If you are residing or born in a Foreign, you will need extra documents, such as.

  1. Copy of an Unexpired Passport.
  2. Copy of the Arrival and Departure (if the person is not in Nepal) stamp of Nepal
  3. Copy of a valid visa (if a person is residing in Nepal)

How to Apply for ePassport Online Application

A step-by-step guide to applying for a Passport using an online application, choosing an appointment date and the payment process.

Online Application Process for Police Clearance Report

Online Police Certificate Application Process
  1. Visit “opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np
  2. Click on Register (New Users)
    • Choose Nepali
    • Add Personal & Contact Details
    • Check your Email for a Temporary Password
    • Login and change your New Password
  3. Now to apply for Police Report Online
    • Add Personal Details
    • Address
    • Upload Documents
    • Self-Declaration
  4. Confirmation and Submit

1. Visit “opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np”

This is the official sub-page of Nepal Police for the Online Police Clearance Report (OPCR) to request reports. You can also use Nagarik App or Nepali Police App for Police reports.

2. Registering an Account in OPCR

Online registration for Police Report
Registration Process 2023

To register first, you must have an active account in OPCR before applying.

  • Click on the register button,
  • Choose your status (Nepali, Foreign, and Refugee), then click next.
  • Enter your First, Middle and Last Name,
  • Choose Gender,
  • Add Phone Number (Receive all notifications here)
  • Email Address (To receive the temporary password)
  • Enter Captcha, then hit Register.

Check your email for a temporary password, log in to your account and choose a new password.

3. Application for Police Clearance Report

Application for Police Report
Application Process for Police Clearance Certificate

This has 4 steps where you must add information such as a personal address, upload required documents and check self-declaration.

a. Personal Information

This includes your and your parent’s name, date of birth AD/BS (Nepali Date Converter), photograph, and reason for filling police report form.

b. Address

Here you have to give an address according to your citizenship and your current address (Choose Nepal or Foreign).

If you are applying for Visa, then choose your country and your motive for visiting that country.

d. Upload Documents

The documents that you need to upload here are as follows.

Citizenship: Here, you have to add your citizenship number, issue date and issue district, then upload your citizenship (Both Sides).

Passport: Upload Pages 2,3 and 31 if you apply for visa purposes.

Marriage Certificate: If you are applying with your spouse, you must also upload your marriage certificate.

Migrate Certificate: If you have moved your permanent address from one district to another.

e. Self-Declaration

This is a self-declaration form where you accept that you have either not committed a single crime or have in the past.

If you are clean, choose “NO” and click next, but if you have any crime, fill in all the information regarding your case.

f. Confirmation and Submit

This is where you can see all the information and documents that you’ve uploaded will appear. Check it thoroughly, and if everything is fine and has no errors, then Submit it.

This is the end of the police report online form, and you can check whether your application status is approved through the homepage.

4. Download Police Clearance Certificate and Colour Print

Police Clearance Report Complete Status
Check Police Clearance Report Status

After submitting your application, you have to wait a few days until the police department reviews and verifies the online form and the documents you’ve uploaded.

It will show “Completed” in status. After that, you can download and colour print it from your local printing shop.

This Police Clearance Certificate has a validity period of 1 Year.

>> Online Police Report Verification & Payment Process <<

Creating a Police Clearance Certificate does not cost you money, but the Department of Consular Service will charge Rs 500 as an attestation fee to verify your document.


Why need a Police Clearance Report?

The police clearance report is often required for various purposes, such as getting a job, visa application, passport application, and other legal matters. It is also used as a requirement for some educational institutions and organizations.

How to apply for Police Report online in Nepal?

To apply for a police report online, you need to register an account in opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np, apply for New Application, provide information and upload documents. Once verified, you can download your Police Clearance Certificate. Visit for more information.

How much does it cost to apply for Police Clearance Certificate Online?

There is no cost to apply for a police clearance certificate. The online application and report download are free. But you must pay for the colour printing charge at your local shop.

How much time does it take to apply and get a Clearance Certificate?

The Application process takes 5 minutes and a few days to complete verification and receive your Police Clearance Certificate.
Once completed, you can download and print it.

I have a mistake in my Police Report; how to correct it?

If you have made a mistake while applying for a police clearance report, then there is a chance that the application will be rejected for misinformation. If not, you can apply for New Application from the beginning with the correct information.

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