Writer for Us – Online job in Nepal 2023

We are not Hiring ATM; thank you.


  1. Applicants must have a computer and access to the Internet.
  2. Use WordPress as Writer.
  3. Must be familiar with and Write SEO-Optimized Content.
  4. Pay ranges from Rs7,000 – Rs12,000 based on your experience and Performance.
  5. A minimum of 3 months of work guaranteed
  6. You must complete a monthly target of 25 blog posts

These are easy to write blog post which requires a few minutes on research and will barely take 1/2 hour maximum to finish 1 post on an average.

We will ask you to write a SEO optimized blog post on keywords we provide before final hiring. (Writers with previous experience will get paid.)

Send your application from the Contact US form.

Skilled and Passionate Writer Wanted! – Newbies Are Welcome

Work at least 1 hour a day to earn up to Rs.12,000/month

Are you free? Do you want to work online from the comfort of your home and earn your own pocket money? Then, we have a freelancing job as a blog content writer for you.

If interested, we’re seeking talented Nepali individuals to join our freelance team at NepaliNerd.com.

Who We’re Searching For:

We are seeking blog content writers who can write “how-to” guides. We’ll provide you with keywords or blog titles; your task will be to write engaging blog posts around them.

Originality is MustWe will very much reject any form of copy-paste or AI-generated content.

You can read others’ blogs and watch YouTube videos for research and fact-check purposes, but you must write your own.

Desired Writer Traits:

Proficiency in English and basic knowledge of SEO content writing is a must.

Eligibility: Have previous works? Share them with us. (Don’t worry, even if you lack previous work, you can still apply.)


Payment ranges from Rs. 7000 – Rs. 12000, depending on your work experience and how you write the blog post on the keyword we provide.

It’s a firm range, and we think it’s a fair deal, right? For work that will take 1 and ½ hours a day from the comfort of your house.

Payments will be processed bi-weekly on the 15th, counting from the joining date, ensuring a smooth and organized experience for everyone.

E.g. If you join from the 1st of September, then you will get your half payment on the 15th of Sept and the other half at the end of the month.

Expectations and Pledges:

As part of your growth journey, we might ask you to watch a few YouTube videos based on SEO Writing. After all, learning is an ongoing adventure!

The target will be a minimum of 25 blog posts per month.

Our commitment is steadfast, offering guaranteed 3-month work. If we think you deserve a raise, then it will be from the second month only for exceptional performance, which could lead to a pay increase.

Rights and Input:

While you write the contents, ownership and rights will be owned by us. Worry not; you’ll be credited for your outstanding contributions!

We are open to feedback and suggestions that are wholeheartedly embraced. Intrigued? Ready to embark on this exhilarating writing journey alongside us?

Skip the formalities of interviews and head straight to nepalinerd.com/contact to submit your application. We’re eagerly anticipating your entry into the realm of crafting compelling “how-to” guides.

Let’s create something extraordinary together

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