CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO Opening-April 15 

CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO Opening

IPO Opening in Nepal is happening frequently in Nepal as the hype for earning more in less time still stays strong. SEBON approved ULBSL and River Falls Power Limited recently and their initial public offering is still going on.

Now, here is another company ready to raise capital from the public. SEBON received an application from CYC Nepal Laghubitta to issue 3,95,336 shares via an Initial Public Offering (IPO). And now that SEBON has finally approved the proposal on 23rd March.

The company holds a total of around 12,16,418 registered shares of which they are willing to sell 3,95,336 shares. The price/unit will be Rs. 100 which means this IPO will raise 3,95,336 * 100 = Rs. 3,95,33,600 in paid-up capital for the company.

You will need to fill a minimum of 10 units and the maximum limit is set as 1000. Also, you might be interested to know about the companies that are offering Upcoming IPO in Nepal.

When is CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO Opening?

CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO Opening will be on April 15 and ends on 22 April 2022. (CYCN) is a “D” class National Level microfinance company that started operation in March 2019.

CompanyCYC Nepal Laghubitta (CYC)
Total Units12,16,418 Units
Available for Individual Public3,69,488 shares
Employees/Mutual Funds6,082/19,766 shares
Opening Date2nd Baisakh 2079/ 15 April 2022
Closing Date6th Baisakh 2079/ 22 April 2022
Extension16th Baisakh 2079/ 29 April 2022
Issue ManagerGlobal IME Capital
Rating/GradingCARE-NP BB-
IPO opening in Nepal – CYC 15th April 2022

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