Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023 (2079) Updated

Upcomign IPOs in Nepal

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the upcoming IPOs in Nepal and discuss why they may be a great investment opportunity.

If you’re looking for a way to invest in Nepal, then IPOs are an option worth exploring. With new companies coming to the market each year, there are plenty of opportunities to make money and benefit from the country’s growing economy. (Information purpose only)

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023 | 2079

Any New IPO in Nepal Today?

As of 26th December 2022, there are five IPOs open in Nepal of which three are from the Hydropower sector and the remaining two are of Mutual funds and Debenture. Check the table below for opening and closing dates.

CompanyIssue ForOpenClose
7% NIFRA Urja Rinpatra (Debentures)General Public15th Dec 202229th Dec 2022
NIBL Growth fund (Mutual Fund)General Public13th Dec 202227th Dec 2022
Asian Hydropower LtdForeign Worker13th Dec 202227th Dec 2022
Asian Hydropower LtdProject Affected Area13th Dec 202227th Dec 2022
Asian Hydropower LtdSeverely Area13th Dec 202227th Dec 2022
Shuvam Power LimitedForeign Worker21st Dec 202204th Jan 2023
Trishuli Jalvidhyut Co. Ltd.Call4th Dec 20222nd Feb 2022
New IPO in Nepal Today | Application Open

As of 2079/09/11, there are 29 companies’ IPOs reviewed by the Securities Board Of Nepal which has companies from seven different sectors waiting to go public, that include,

  1. Hydropower – 14 companies
  2. Microfinance – 2 companies
  3. Insurance – 2 companies
  4. Investment – 1 company
  5. Others – 4 companies
  6. Hotel and Tourism – 1 company
  7. Manufacturing and Processing – 4 companies

To know more about the company’s names, issue dates, the number of units, and more please refer to the tables below.

IPOs in SEBON Pipeline With Dates & Sector

You can check upcoming IPOs in Nepal both approved and under the pipeline (reviewing process) in the tables below with dates.

New upcoming ipo in nepal with date 2022
upcoming IPOs in Nepal pie chart on the sector.

Companies that are ready to issue their IPO in Nepal for 2023 are in the tables below according to their sectors. And with no surprise, Hydropower companies are dominating this with a considerable number.

These are all the companies that are ready to publicize their companies or have finished the IPO process. Here you see all the companies from different sectors that are getting reviewed by SEBON for upcoming IPO in Nepal.

Upcoming IPO of Hydropower Companies

We all know that Nepal is rich in water resources. We have mighty rivers all over the country which can mass produce electricity if we can utilize them properly.

And recently, can be seen in IPOs in Nepal as a total of 19 Hydro sector companies have been approved to issue IPO in Nepal. All the Hydropower Companies ready to issue their share to Locals and General Public are in the table below.

There are many hydropower companies in Nepal which provide clean, renewable, and sustainable energy for the country.

Shuvam Power LimitedForeign58,05821st Dec 20224th Jan 2022
Molung HydropowerApproved3,531,000Soon
Bhagwati HydropowerPreliminary1,430,162Soon
Chirkhwa HydropowerPreliminary1,200,000Soon
Bhugol Energy DevelopmentReviewed1,632,160Soon
Kutheli Bukhari Small HydropowerReviewed243,735Soon
Upper Syange HydropowerReviewed870,000Soon
Rawa Energy DevelopmentReviewed840,000Soon
Modi Energy LimitedReviewed7,250,000Soon
Menchhiyam HydropowerReviewed1,627,750Soon
Mai Khola Hydropower LtdReviewed1,921,568Soon
Upper Lohare HydropowerReviewed2,498,040Soon
Ingwa HydropowerUnder Review1,800,000Soon
Makar Jitumaya Suri HydropowerUnder Review2,280,000Soon
Three Star HydropowerUnder Review1,231,250Soon
Sanima Middle Tamor HydropowerUnder Review8,331,250Soon
Sagarmatha Jalbidhyut CompanyUnder Review5,488,000Soon
Dolti Power CompanyUnder Review1,609,458Soon
Upcoming IPO of Hydropower company in Nepal

There are two main types of hydropower companies: public and private. Public companies are owned by the government, while private companies are owned by investors.

Public companies provide a service for the government and are in return provided with a fixed amount of tax. Private companies do not provide any services for the government and are required to pay taxes on their profits. There is no limit on the size of private companies, so they have a lot more flexibility to invest in different areas of the business.

Manufacturing and Processing

Sarbottam Cement Ltd.Preliminary2,400,000Soon
Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd.Preliminary770,640Soon
Sonapur Minerals and Oil Ltd.Preliminary12,300,200Soon
Ghorahi Cement Industry Ltd.Under Review7,943,801Soon
Upcoming IPOs of Manufacturing and Processing

Other sectors in Nepal

Muktinath Krishi Company Ltd.Preliminary400,000Soon
Nepal Republic Media LimitedPreliminary4,353,000Soon
Dish Media Network LimitedReviewed2,385,929Soon
Trade Tower LtdReviewed1,158,980Soon
Upcoming IPOs of Others sector in Nepal

Upcoming IPOs of Insurance Companies in Nepal

IME Life Insurance Company Limited has announced the launch of its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO will give members of the public an opportunity to invest in IME Life Insurance and benefit from its growth potential.

The company is optimistic about its prospects and aims to use the proceeds of the IPO to expand its operations and services further. This could give investors a high return on investment for years to come. Investors should thoroughly research the company before investing and fully understand all associated risks.

According to the company, 30% will be allotted to the public through IPO and 70% of shares will remain with the promoters. Also, they plan to rise to 60 crores from this IPO.

Reliable Life Insurance Ltd.Preliminary6,000,000Soon
IME Life Insurance Co Ltd.Preliminary6,000,000Soon
Upcoming IPOs of Insurance Companies in Nepal

Microfinance Sector IPOs in Nepal

After Hydropower, Microfinance dominates with 8 companies.

Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta BittiyaUnder Review203,380
BPW Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaUnder Review97,000
Microfinance Sector IPOs in Nepal in 2022

Investment Compay in Nepal

Hathway Investment Nepal Ltd.Reviewed2,925,000
Upcoming IPO of Investment Compay in Nepal

Hotel and Tourism

City Hotel LtdUnder Review1,674,000
Upcoming IPO of Hotel and Tourism

Upcoming IPO of Hydropower, Hotel & Tourism, Microfinance, Investment, Other, and Insurance companies in Nepal.

Many Nepalese people apply for IPOs with low units, which is why these prices go up. But most people who apply get nothing and have to pay for the CASBA charge.

As you already know, your banks charge you anywhere from Rs. 10 to 100 for applying for IPO. You can check how much your bank charges for CASBA.

An article covers all new Upcoming IPOs in Nepal with date and sector, providing all the necessary information to help you apply for IPO.

Note: These are investing-related articles that involve the risk of losing money. Please do your research before applying. I share information on IPOs coming soon in Nepal; this is no advice. I take no responsibility if there is a loss or rise in your portfolio.


How much does it cost to apply for an IPO in Nepal?

It costs Rs 100 per share, and the minimum applied limit is 10 shares. also, banks have CASBA charges. Including that you are paying anywhere from rs 1000 (if your bank does not charge casba) to Rs 1005.

How can I apply for IPOs, and how to check the results?

You need to have a Mero Share account which you can open through your banks, and to check your results, you can visit https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/

How many IPOs can I buy in Nepal?

You can apply for as many IPOs of a company as long as you’ve got a balance to cover those expenses in case you are allotted. But if you talk about the unit limit, then the minimum is 10 shares, and the company sets the maximum.

Which IPO is coming soon and listing tomorrow in Nepal?

You can visit upcoming IPOs in Nepal to learn more about the latest IPOs in Nepal. I have a table with all the companies ready to issue shares to the general public.

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