Green Card winner from Nepal shares inverview experience

interview with dv winner

Thousands of Nepalese apply for DV Lottery from all over the world, but only a selected few win the US green card.

In this blog post, we will write the experiences of DV winners from Nepal 2023 and their struggle in interviews before getting a United States visa.

They have shared very helpful information which will surely give hope for the upcoming DV applicants.

Visa Interview Experience and Problems

Source and context of Story: This story was inspired by a youtube channel “Jamil Miya” which shares lots of interview call records of DV winners’ experiences, their mistakes in interviews, and how they overcome that.

No doubt that there will be challenges even after getting selected for DV listening to these stories will give you an idea of how to prepare in case you win.

Article on how these Lottery winners experienced success even after a lot of trouble.

Here he shares all his information which is most scary even after winning the DV Lottery from Nepal how he almost lost the chance to get a visa to the United States of America.

Check your DV Lottery Result 2024 Nepal

Interview Questions for DV

According to them the question asked in interviews about Diversity Visa are usually related to documenting family members and sponsors. All you need to do is not lie on your document or in Interview. The interviewer is fully prepared and well-researched about you.

Whose visa gets rejected?

People who lie or fail to answer correctly get their visas rejected. There are chances that you might not understand the question properly and give the wrong answer.

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