Nepal won 3 – 0 against Sri Lanka: SAFF U20 Championship

Nepal dominates the game against Sri Lanka in their second match of the SAFF U20 Championship 2022 as 75k people watch online on 27th July 2022.

The match was watched by more than 80k live on Youtube and Elevensports.

Ayush Galan and the Nepal U20 team in the first 20 minutes are calm and in complete control of the game.

Nepal not missing any chance to shoot on the target, Sri Lanka U20 is constantly defending the post, terrorizing the Sri Lankans U20.

Nepal is able to take 5 shots till 12th minutes while Sri Lanka still searching breakthrough.

The young gorkhalis of Nepal seem composed and balanced. They are good at passing shots and long.
changing sides looking for gaps and not losing the ball.

Nepal Win against Sri Lanka: SAFF U20 Championship

Nepal vs Sri Lanka - SAFF U20 Cahmpionship 2022
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Sri Lanka gets an open chance 1 – 1 against Nepal and almost scores but hit the sidebar a real scare for team Nepal.

The match saw a few minutes of technical difficulty in lightning which stopped the game for a few minutes giving players a water break.

Sri Lanka changed their paly from “Park the bus” counter-attacking which is a real threat to Nepal.

Both the keepers are showing good performance.

Sri Lankan jersey no.16 booked yellow which is the first card of the game.

Both the teams get good chances but are not able to score.


1st Goal: AYUSH GHALA scores for Nepal winning their second match of the tournament. After this win, Nepal is on the top of the Group will 6 points and a +5 goals difference.

2nd Goal: K. Ratna Chhunju secures Nepal’s win against Sri Lanka U20 scoring 2nd for the team. This is his 2nd goal in this tournament.

3rd Goal: Nepal in the 83rd-minute scores another by Jersey No 17 Managya Nakarmi making it 3 – 0 and lifting the goal difference to 7 in the table.

Both Managya and Chhunju have scored in both the matches and are currently the joint top scorer with Bangladesh’s Piash 2 goals each in this tournament.

As the second half has been exceptionally good for the Nepal U20 team scoring 3 goals n total making their goal difference 7 plus and climbing top of the table.

The goalkeeper of Nepal deserves appreciation for all the save and hard work to keep his clean sheet record, amazing play from him today.

The games ended 3 – 0 in Nepal’s favor, if you missed the match then you can watch it here.

The next game for SAFF U20 Championship is the day after tomorrow on 29th July 2022.

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