When and How to receive a national Identity card in Nepal?

How to Receive a National Identity Card

The District Administration Office has started distributing National Identity Cards in Nepal as a year-long wait for NID Cards is over.

NIN is important if you wish to apply for an e-passport in Nepal, which you can easily get after submitting your pre-enrollment form.

receive National Identity Card in Nepal

You will receive an SMS from the District Administrative Office, Nepal (DAO) with the message “Your NID card has been received at the DAO Kaski, collect within office hours.” when it is ready.

They will send you a notification requesting you to pick up your National Identity Card through SMS after it is printed.

Notification10 am to 5 pm
DistributionDistrict Administrative Office
Process Time10 minutes
RequirementsNID Pre-Enrollment Submission Print
Office Hour10 am to 5 Pm
How to Receive a National Identity Card?

The Department of National Identity Card and Registration at Singha Durbar is responsible for printing and distributing it to the DAO all over Nepal.

However, due to nationwide implementation and other reasons, printing Rashtriya Parichaya Patra was delayed for more than a year.

It might take more than a year to get printed and sent to the office.


  • NID Pre-Enrollment Submission Print
  • Citizenship

You will need to bring your National Identity Card’s pre-enrollment form, which you received after submitting your Bio-Matrics.

And your citizenship for verification.

Process to Receive NID Card

Visit the NID Card section on the DAO of your District and ask them for your Card. They might ask you if you’ve received an SMS from the office.

Say Yes, and give them your Pre-Enrollment print.

In my case, they asked me to come back tomorrow with my citizenship and also leave the pre-enrollment print with them.

They will search for the card and keep it ready. There was some technical issue, according to the operator.

Identity Verification for Card

Identity Verification for Card
Receive your NID Card in Nepal

They don’t hand you the National Identity Card directly through the window.

They will scan your card in a machine and will ask you to verify your fingerprints and choose a 4-digit secure code.

After verifying and selecting a 4-digit PIN, you will receive your card.

What if I want to change my details?

You can change your details on the Parichaya Patra by filling up another form and paying rs 500. You can ask them (DAO workers) for more information.

Personal Experience

I applied for the NID Card in August 2022, a year ago, and finally received my Card from the DAO, Kaski, in August 2023.

Even though my family members applied for the Parichaya Patra with me, they have yet not receive it.

So, all you can do is wait until your card is printed.

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