1st year B.ED, BA, BBS, B.Sc revised exam routine – 4 Baishak

The Tribhuvan University exam routine was revised on 2079/11/15. Here is the new exam routine for 4 years E. Ed, BA, BBS, and B.sc.

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TU Exam Routine 2080

Revised or New Examination Routine for TU’s 2080 was published on tuexam.edu.np on 11th Falgun 2079. You can also Download the Official PDF

Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu will be conducted in 2079 following the annual examination system for the 4-year undergraduate level first year of

  1. Education,
  2. Humanities,
  3. Management faculty and
  4. The Institute of Science and Technology studies.

This program has been published for the information of all concerned.

Exam Timing- 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

All Exam Related Information are released on TU Notice Board

B.Ed 1st Year Exam Routine 2080

B.Ed exam routine 2080
TU’s Bachelor of Education revised shedule
2080/01/04411General English
2080/01/06401Compulsory Nepali
2080/01/08412Philosophical & Sociological Foundation of Education
2080/01/11416Eco.Ed./P.Ed.-419,Sc. Ed. (Plant Science)
2080/01/13417Major Subjects(Specialization)
Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed. / Math Ed. / Sc.Ed.(Physics-1)Hp.Ed./Pop.Ed./Geo.Ed.
2080/01/14418Minor Subjects(Specialization)
Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math.Ed./Sc.Ed. (Animal Sc.-418)/Hp.Ed./Pop.Ed.
/Geo.Ed./Hist.Ed./Eco.Ed. /Pol.Sc.Ed./Ed.Pm.
2080/01/16418Eco.Ed./P.Ed.-419,Sc.Ed. (Plant Science)
Bachelor of Education Exam Routine 2080

4 Years B.A. 1st year 2080

TU’s Bachelor in Arts exam will start on the 4th Baishak 2080 and end on 21st.

TU BA exam routine 2080
B.A revised exam routine 2080
2080/01/05421Geography/Buddhist Studies/Linguistics/History/Culture
2080/01/07421Music/Psychology/Journalism and Mass Communication/Dance/Pop.Studies
/Rural Development/Flium Studies/Economics
2080/01/10421English/Nepali/Hindi/Nepal Bhasha/Maithili/Sanskriti
2080/01/12421Anthropology/Philosophy/Sociology/Gender Study/Social Work
2080/01/14422Music/Psychology/Journalism and MassCommunication /Pop.Studies/
Rural Development/Flim Studies/Economics
2080/01/15422Geography/Buddhist Studies/Linguistics/History/Culture
2080/01/17421Mathmatics/Home Sc./Polotical Sc.
2080/01/19422English/Nepali/Hindi/Nepal Bhasha/Maithili/Sanskrit
2080/01/20422Anthropology/Philosophy/Sociology/Gender Study/Social Work/Dance
2080/01/21423Mathematics/Home Sc./Political Sc. -422/Flim Study
Bachelor of Arts Exam Routine 2080

4 Years BBS Exam Routine 2080

The Bachelor in Business Studies examination will start on the 5th of Baishak 2080, 18 April 2023. And end on 14th Baishak 2080, which in A.D is 27 April 2023.

BBS 1st Year Exam Routine 2080 1
2080/01/05201Business English MGT.
2080/01/07202Business Statistics MGT.
2080/01/10211Financial Acc.& Analysis/Accounting for Fin. Analysis MGT.
2080/01/12213Principal of Management MGT.
2080/01/14207/203Micro Eco.For Business MGT.-207 | Micro Eco. – 203
Bachelor of Business Studies TU Exam 2080

4 Years B.Sc. 1st Year Exam

B.SC exam routine
Revisted new exam rotuine of TU B.Sc 2080
2080/01/04101Scientific Communication
2080/01/06101Chemistry | Statistics
2080/01/08101Geology/Environment Sc./Meteorology
2080/01/15102/101Mathematics -102 | Botany-101

Rules to Follow

Note: Copied and translated in English.

tu rule 2080
tu exam rule 2080
  • No further arrangements will be made for the candidates absent from the examination according to the above schedule.
  • Even if there is an unexpected holiday, T.V. Examination will not be postponed without prior notice.
  • If you are going to leave or join any of your subjects or paper exam program to be given the exam, you must inform this office within 7 days from the date of publication on the website. Otherwise, the exam will be conducted according to this program.
  • Contact your respective campus for the practical exam.
  • Log tables, Goshwara vouchers, graph paper, charts, etc., materials required for the examination must be brought by the examinee himself and used with the prior approval of the head of the center.
  • Within one year after the theoretical examination, the concerned campus shall complete the practical and internal assessment examination and award the certificate. Pu. And attendance must be submitted to this office.
  • Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smart watches, Bluetooth, digital diaries, etc., cannot be taken inside the examination building. Otherwise, the central president can confiscate such goods.
  • According to the notice, fill out the examination application form. v. Only the subjects prescribed by the rules and the syllabus are filled in the examination application form, and the examination is only done after confirming the course.
    Should be given If it happens. Otherwise, the campus or the students themselves will be responsible.
  • If the examination is given from any center other than the examination center, the examination will be canceled automatically.
  • The examination center is informed to examine full compliance with the health standards set by the Government of Nepal.

In the case of covid infected examinees, within 72 hours of the official laboratory wat certified report
Based on this, they must attend the exam in a separate room.

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