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see exam date 2024

National Examination Board & Secondary Examination Education on 22nd January 2024 announced the exam routine for SEE exam 2080 in Nepal.

The 10th Class examination is set to start from the 15th of Chaitra 2080 to the 27th of Chaitra 2080. Check out the table below for a routine overview.

byNational Examination Board
Examination Start DateThursday, 28th March 2024
Examination End DateTuesday, 5th April 2024
Exam Time8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Result2nd Week of Ashar
SEE Exam 2024

NEB SEE Routine 2080

12080 Chaitra 15, ThursdayCompulsory English (Regular & Increment)
Ved Vidhyashram: Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature / Compulsory English
Madrasah: Compulsory Arabic Language  / Compulsory English
Grade Increment: Compulsory English / Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature (Ved Vidhyashram)
22080 Chaitra 16, FridayCompulsory Nepali
Elective English (for Non-Nepali Students)
32080 Chaitra 18, SundayCompulsory Mathematics (Regular & Increment)
42080 Chaitra 20, TuesdayCompulsory Science & Technology
Ved Vidhyashram: Shukla Yajurveda / Samaveda / Rig Ved / Atharvaveda / Ethics / Compulsory Science and Technology
Madrasah: Sirat and Islamic / Compulsory Science and Technology
Grade Increment: Compulsory Science, Compulsory Sanskrit Grammer & Translation (Ved Vidhyashram)
52080 Chaitra 21, WednesdayGrade Increment: Farm Management and Marketing / Engineering Drawing / Computer Repair and Maintenance (Technical)
Technical: Compulsory Social Studies / Optional Mathematics
Ved Vidhyashram: Sanskrit Language and Grammar
Grade Increment: Farm Management and Marketing, Engineering Drawing, Computer Repair and Maintenance (Technical)
62080 Chaitra 22, ThursdayRegular & Ved Vidhyashram: Optional First Paper All Subjects (Regular & Grade Increment)
Technical: Animal Health, Industrial Agriculture and Fish Culture, Data Science and OOP Concept using C++, Building Construction and Drawing, Electrical Machine, Classical Music
Grade Increment: Ved or Ethics (for Ved Vidhyashram) / Optional Mathematics (for Technical)
72080 Chaitra 23, FridayRegular & Ved Vidhyashram: Optional Second Paper All Subjects (Regular and Grade Increase)
Technical: Dairy Product Technology, Food Crop Production, Computer Hardware, Electronics Repair and Maintenance, Highway Engineering, Basic Electronics, Nepali Folk Music
Grade Increment: Agriculture and Fisheries, Electrical Management and Instrument, Computer Network, Engineering Surveying (Technical),
Second Optional Paper All Subjects (Ved Vidhyashram)
82080 Chaitra 24, SaturdayTechnical (Regular): Veterinary Laboratory Technology, Horticulture Crop Production, Data Based Management System, Engineering Surveying, Industrial Installation and Maintenance, Western Music
Grade Increment: Vegetable and Medicinal Plant Production, Dairy and Dairy Products, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Database Management System, Building Construction
92080 Chaitra 25, SundayTechnical (Regular): Agriculture and Fisheries, Floriculture and Nursery Production, Digital Design and Microprocessor, Estimating, Costing and Supervision, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Optional Subject (Singing / Musical Instrument / Dance)
Grade Increment: Crop Production, Small Ruminant Production and Management, Electronic device and Circuit, Water Resources Engineering
102080 Chaitra 26, MondayGrade Increment: Floriculture and Nursery Management / Veterinary Laboratory Techniques / Industrial Installation and Maintainance / Object-Oriented Programming / Estimating Costing and Supervision
112080 Chaitra 27, TuesdayGrade Increment: Floriculture and Nursery Management, Veterinary Laboratory Techniques, Industrial Installation and Maintenance, Object-Oriented Programming, Estimating Costing and Supervision
SEE Examination Routine 2024 | Source: SEE.GOV.NP

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SEE exam routine dates 2080

SEE Examination Date 2024 (Regular)

DateNep DateSubject
28th March 2024Chaitra 15Compulsory English
29th March 2024Chaitra 16Compulsory Nepali
31th March 2024Chaitra 18Compulsory Mathematics
2nd April 2024Chaitra 20Compulsory Science & Technology
3rd April 2024Chaitra 21Compulsory Social Studies
4th April 2024Chaitra 22Optional First All Subjects
5th April 2024Chaitra 23Optional Second All Subjects
SEE Examination Date 2024 (Regular) | Source:
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