List of Traffic Rule Violations and Fines in Nepal 2023

Traffic Rules and Fines in Nepal

In a country like Nepal, it is very important to maintain Traffic Rules as there is a huge number of drivers on narrow roads.

In this blog post, we are listing all the traffic rules violations along with their fines.

Violations can be considered from driving without a license to letting a non-licensed citizen drive your vehicle.

You can check out the complete list of violations uploaded by the Kathmandu Vally Traffic Police Office on their website for 2023 in Nepal.

Traffic Violation and Its Fines in Nepal

Traffic Fines in Nepal
Ticket for Traffic Violation in Nepal

This is the updated article from the Nepal Traffic Police’s official sub webpage uploaded for the year 2079/2080 in the Nepali language on 18th December 2022.

The minimum fine you have to pay for violation of traffic rules in Nepal is Nepali Rupees 1000 from 2079 previously it was Rs 500.

a. Offenses fined through Traffic Management Office:

  1. If the vehicle is altered in such a way as to change the color, number of seats, appearance, engine, or chassis without obtaining approval.
  2. Driving or causing to drive a vehicle with the number plate of their own accord without keeping the actual number plate.

b. Offenses punishable with a fine from Rs.1000 to Rs.5000:

  1. Driving a vehicle with more than the prescribed fare.

c. Offenses punishable with a fine from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500:

  1. Driving without registration.
  2. Driving a vehicle registered abroad without a permit.
  3. If a public vehicle operates a transport service without obtaining a road license.

d. Offenses punishable with a fine of Rs.1000:

  1. Driving a vehicle on a public road without obtaining a driving license.
  2. Keeping goods or vehicles in a public place in such a way as to obstruct it.
  3. Loss of vehicle and passengers involved in an accident caused damage/non-contact
  4. Drunk driving.
  5. Allowing a person who has not obtained a driver’s license to drive a vehicle.
  6. If the limit of people or goods to be placed or placed in the vehicle is determined, the vehicle is driven beyond that limit.
  7. If the designated seat is not reserved in the passenger public vehicle.
  8. Smoking in public transport.
  9. If a public transport vehicle carrying dangerous goods drives the vehicle without displaying the signs.
  10. If the vehicle is driven with more passengers than the number of seats written on the vehicle’s registration certificate.
  11. If a passenger public vehicle operating a long-distance transport service does not take turns driving with at least two drivers.
  12. Driving at a speed limit in a place where the speed limit is set
  13. If tickets are not issued as per the prescribed format.
  14. Keeping people in other parts of the vehicle.
  15. Driving in such a way as to endanger other vehicles.
  16. Driving the vehicle against the purpose.
  17. If you drive a vehicle without a road permit.

e. Offenses punishable with a fine of Rs.1500:

  1. If you do not stop when the traffic lights indicate to stop.
  2. If the vehicle is parked or parked at a place or time where it is prohibited to park or park the vehicle.
  3. Turning the vehicle in a place where it is prohibited to turn the vehicle.
  4. Driving on the wrong side of the road.
  5. Driving in the opposite direction on a one-way road.
  6. Driving a vehicle that is not in good condition.
  7. Driving without lights on at night.
  8. Driving in places or times where driving is prohibited.
  9. Driving without a number plate.
  10. Driving without a seat belt or helmet.
  11. The driver of the public vehicle refused to pick up the passenger.
  12. Driving recklessly.
  13. Driving a vehicle with more weight in the vehicle weight limit area.
  14. Driving a vehicle without having the S.Cha.A.P., S.D.K., S.E.P.
  15. Driving in violation of traffic signals or gestures.
  16. Giving sound signal where the sound signal is prohibited.

Drink and Drive | MA.PA.SE., Lane, Speeding, and Red Light Violations have to take mandatory awareness classes, so all procedures will be done at Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office.

Follow Rules and Avoid Traffic Violation in Nepal

These are the common rules that you need to follow,

  1. Do not break the speed limits and traffic signals.
  2. Keep a safe distance between your and other vehicles.
  3. Use of headlights at night or in bad weather.
  4. Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory.
  5. Do not Drink and Drive for the safety of everyone.
  6. Do not Distract Drive: using a phone while driving.
  7. Always carry documentation eg. License
  8. Always follow all traffic laws and regulations set by Traffic Police Nepal.


How much fine do I have to pay for Driving without License in Nepal?

You will have to pay Rs 1000 if you are caught driving without a driver’s license in Nepal.

Fine for Driving without a Helmet or Seatbelt in Nepal?

You will be fined Rs 1500 if you drive without a helmet on a bike and without a seatbelt in cars.

What is fine for Drink and Drive fine in Nepal?

Rs 1000 and a mandatory awareness class will be fined as punishment If you are under influence of alcohol while driving in Nepal.

For which Traffic rule violation do I have to take mandatory awareness classes?

Drink and Drive, Lane, Speeding, and Red Light are some of the violations where you will need to take mandatory awareness classes in Nepal.

Is Vehicle modification allowed in Nepal?

No, if the vehicle is altered in such a way as to change the color, number of seats, appearance, engine, or chassis without obtaining approval. Such Offenses are fined through Traffic Management Office.

Is smoking a traffic rule violation in Nepal?

Yes, smoking in public transport is a punishable offense and can be fined Nepali rupees 1000 in Nepal.

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