Barahi Hydropower IPO Dates Rating and more

Barahi Hydropower IPO Dates Rating and more

BHPL a hydropower company which produces electricity is issuing its IPO in Nepal, general public will get 515220 units.

There will be a total of 5,54,000 unit shares at a Rs 100 face value.

Barahi Hydropower IPO oversubscribed by 4.33422616 as per the report of CDSC

The IPO which was available since 7th December 2022 is now already oversubscribed by more than 4 times. Almost two lakhs applicants applied for the IPO in a single day.

Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO Opening Dates and Infos

You can apply a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 10000 units, also due to not fewer subscriptions from project-affected locals the remaining units will be added to this IPO.

So, the total units available before Mutual Funds and Employee reservation is Five lakhs fifty-four thousand (5,54,000).

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Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO Information in Nepal

Issue TypeUnitsOpeningClosingExtend
Total Units5,54,000
Issue ManagerNIBL Ace Capital
Employees11,080 (2%)
Mutual Fund27,000 (5%)
Public5152207th Dec 202212th Dec 202221st Dec 2022
Locals (Ended)250,00021st Oct (Over)1st Nov (Over)
Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO Information in Nepal

The official Public announcement from the organization’s website states all the information regarding its share selling.

Application for IPO of Barahi Hydropower Public Limited

You can apply for this IPO from your Mero Share account.

Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO opening started on 7th December 2022 and will continue until 12th December 2022.

Also if the company’s shares do not get booked within that period then they will extend it until 21st December 2022.

The company has allocated 5,54,000 unit shares for the general public out of which only 515220 shares will be available. As 2% of the public share 11,080 is employees reservation and 5% which is 27,000 units will be reserved for mutual funds.

Rating of Barahi Hydropwer Public Limited

ICRA Nepal has rated Barahi Hydropower “[ICRANP-IR] B-” (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating B minus).

Issuers with this rating are considered to have a high risk of default regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

IRCA Nepal on BHPL

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