How to Check EDV Result 2025 from Nepal Online? (4 Steps)

edv result 2025 in nepal online

You can check your EDV lottery 2025 results from The U.S. Department of State’s website on 4th May 2024 at 9:45 pm Nepali time using your 16-digit confirmation number online for free.

ProgramDiversity Visa Lottery 2025
EDV 2025 Result DateSaturday, 4th May 2024
Result Time9:45 pm
Result ModeOnline
Application Date4th October – 7th November 2023
DepartmentUS Department of State
Total Winners55,000 (Worldwide)
Nepali DateBaisakh 22, 2081
Details Required1. Confirmation Number
2. Last Name
3. Birth Year
DV Lottery Year2025
Selection MethodRandom
EDV Result 2025 Nepal Details

4 Steps to check EDV Lottery Result Online

To check your EDV Lottery Result 2025 online in Nepal, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open “” from your browser.
  2. Scroll down, then click on the “Check Status” button.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page here. Click on “Continue.
  4. Now enter your information such as:
    • Confirmation Number,
    • Last/Family Name,
    • Year of Birth and
    • Authentication.
  5. Click on the “Submit” button to View Results.
Forgot your Confirmation Number? Click Here to Recover Your 16-digit EDV Confirmation Number

1. Visit the Official DV Lottery Page

DV Lottery Official Website to check EDV 2025 Result - screenshot from
DV Lottery Official Page:

The first step is to visit through your mobile or computer browser. Then, click on the “Check Status” button.

It is important to visit the US Department of State‘s website to see your EDV Lottery Result online. Ignore fake and spammy websites, as they will try to scam you with fake Lottery Winning messages.

2. Check EDV Entrant Status

Steps to check DV 2025 result Nepal screenshot from
Check DV Entry year | screenshot from

In the second step, you must confirm that you are checking for the correct US Diversity Visa year; after that, click on the “Continue” button.

3. Enter your Information

add your confirmation number to check EDV 2025 result in nepal - screenshot from
Enter your Confirmation Number to check the DV Result
Solution: Solve Information Entered is not Valid Error in DV Result

This is the final step. Here, you must provide all the necessary information, such as your “Conformation Number,” which you received while submitting the EDV Lottery Application from October 2023 to November 2023.

After that, Enter your Last Name only. For example, if your name is Hari Kumar Thapa, enter only “Thapa” in the Last Name box. Enter your Birth Year only, for example, “1995.”

Now, solve Captcha or Authentication by entering the same words and number shown in the image.

Finally, click on the “Submit” button.

4. Result of EDV 2025 in Nepal

Checking your DV Result status - screenshot from
DV Lottery 2025 result in Nepal

If you win the EDV Lottery 2025, you will receive a message saying, “Entry Has Been Selected.” If you are not a winner, you will receive a message saying, “Entry Has Not Been Selected.”

Congratulations! You have been selected…You are a DV lottery winner!
You were not selected for the DV…You are not selected for year’s DV lottery.
Incorrect Datacheck your confirmation number, Name, or DOB for error.
DV Lottery Message Meaning

The Department of State will NOT notify you directly if your entry is not selected.  You must use the Entrant Status Check to learn whether you were selected.  You may check the status of your DV2025 entry through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website from May 4, 2024, until September 30, 2025.


Nepal in EDV Lottery Application & Winner Statistics

Nepal is in the Top 10 countries from Asia with the highest number of entrants selected for the DV-2023 program:

  1. Uzbekistan: 5,511 entrants
  2. Russia: 5,505 entrants
  3. Iran: 5,506 entrants
  4. Nepal: 3,808 entrants
  5. Afghanistan: 2,724 entrants
  6. Syria: 381 entrants
  7. Jordan: 937 entrants
  8. Yemen: 2,807 entrants
  9. Iraq: 1,300 entrants
  10. Bhutan: 115 entrants

The DV – Selected Entrants data shows that more than 3,600 Nepalese win the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery annually. The table below shows that the number of winners gradually increases yearly.

The latest data published by the US Department of State for DV 2023 – Selected Entrants shows that 3,808 Nepali were selected the previous year. An unconfirmed source suggests that about 3,863 people were selected for the 2024 EDB lottery program from Nepal in 2024.

Entries statistics from 2021 to 2021 show that around 28,06,960 Nepalese, including dependents (Spouses and children), have applied for a Diversity Visa.

Numbers of DV Winners in Nepal in Last 5 Years

YearWinner Number
No. of DV Winners in Nepal by Year

Protect Yourself from EDV Scam

Scammers see the DV Lottery and such opportunities as easy targets for scamming money out of innocent Nepalese. We have seen this multiple times, including with UK Seasonal Visas, Online Job Opportunities, and Foreign Work.

It is important to know that US government does not personally send you an Email with a winning notification and ask for processing fees, if you see any mail that ask you for money is probably a scam.

  1. Fake Notification of Winning: Scammers might send emails claiming that you won the DV Lottery and ask for personal information and payment to claim the prize.
  2. False Processing Fees: Scammers may request payment for processing fees necessary to complete the DV Lottery application process.
  3. Offering Guaranteed Selection: The DV Lottery is a random selection process; no one can guarantee a win.
  4. Phishing Scams: Scammers might create fake websites or emails that mimic the official DV Lottery site.
  5. False Assistance: Scammers might offer to assist with the DV Lottery application process for a fee but provide incorrect or incomplete information, ultimately leading to application rejection or disqualification.
  6. Threatening Tactics: Scammers might threaten individuals into paying money, falsely claiming that failure to comply will result in rejection or legal consequences.
  7. Impersonating Government Officials: Scammers may pose as government officials to gain trust and extract personal information or money.

To avoid falling victim to DV Lottery scams, applicants should:

  1. Do not believe any random emails, letters, or phone calls claiming to be from the EDB 2025 Lottery program.
  2. You can verify information by contacting the official U.S. Department of State’s Diversity Visa Program website or the local U.S. embassy in Nepal.
  3. Never provide personal information or payment to unknown or unverified sources.
  4. Report any suspicious activity or potential scams to the appropriate authorities.


When can I check my dV lottery 2025 results date in Nepal?

Saturday, Baishak 22, 2081 at 9:45 pm in Nepali Time EDV Results for 2025 will be published in Nepal.

What to do if I forget my EDV confirmation number?

You can recover your DV Confirmation Number using your Email Address while applying for a US Green Card application.

Why did I not win the Diversity Visa lottery?

The Diversity Visa lottery randomly selects the applicants from the eligible country (Nepal is eligible) and winning depends on your luck.

Where can I find the EDV 2025 Nepal Winner name list?

DV Program does not provide a Winner name list; you must manually check for results using your credentials at

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