How to pay SIP payment in Nepal Online?

Pay SIP Payment In Nepal Online

Started a Systematic Investment Plan but do not know and when to pay for your SIP payments? then we have it all.

As of 16th December 2023, there are 6 SIP schemes in Nepal as they are:

  1. NIBL Sahabhagita Fund
  2. NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund
  3. Siddhartha Systematic Investment Plan
  4. NMB Saral Bachat Fund-E
  5. Subha Laxmi Kosh
  6. Nabil Flexi Cap Fund
  7. Kumari Sunaulo Lagani Yojana

As an investor, if you are confused or new to the stock market, you can choose to invest every month as low as rs.1000 Nepali rupees.

These SIP schemes will choose the stocks according to their research and invest the funds collected for higher returns.

As of writing NIBL Sahabhagita Fund has the highest average return which is 17.3625%.

How to pay SIP payment in Nepal Online

Steps to pay SIP payment in Nepal Online

Follow the steps listed below to make your SIP payment online in Nepal.

  • Login to your SIP Scheme page.
  • Click on SIP from the menu.
  • Then choose SIP Payment.
  • Click on Load to see all the remaining Payments.
  • Select on date on which you want to pay.
  • Click on Proceed for Payment.
  • Complete your payment using IPS Connect or Available digital wallets.

The above steps are for the NMB SIP schemes but all the schemes in Nepal has similar homepage so it should work in your as well.

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