Join Myadi Police Nepal | Salary, Requirement & Vacancy 2079

Nepal Police has proposed recruiting 1,20,000 Myadi Police for the upcoming Federal and Provincial elections.

The Police plan to tenure Myadi Prahari for 40 to 45 days for the election, which will be held in November 2022. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has not yet responded to the proposal sent by Nepal Police.

As of 9th September 2022, there is no update from Nepal Police’s official website on when and how many personnel they are hiring.

Finally, 1,15,000 Myadi Prahari will be able to apply and join the force for the upcoming election. The application form for Myadi Police will be open from 2079 Bhadra 30 to 2079 Ashwin 06 (10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm).

Join Myadi Police Nepal | Selection Process | Salary, Requirement & Vacancy from 2079

Myadi Police | Myadi Prahari Application form 2079
Myadi Police | Myadi Prahari Form Open

Nepal police aim to raise the number of myadi recruits in the upcoming 20th November 2022 election. 1 lakh temporary police were hired during the local level elections.

And for smooth operation, they want more personnel.

  1. Post: Myadi Police | Myadi Prahari (Temporary Police)
  2. Expected Recruit Number: 1,15,000, one lakh fifteen thousand will join myadi.
  3. Application form submit Date: 2079 Bhadra 30 to 2079 Ashwin 06 (10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm)
  4. Contact Date: 2079 Ashwin 07 at form fill up police office
  5. Application forms: – Metropolitan Police Complex & other District Police Office.

Age Limit: Completed 18 years till the date of application form registration and not reached 54 years.

Educational Requirement: There is no minimum education requirement for myadi police, but you should be able to read and write.

Minimum Requirement to Join Myadi Police:

  1. Must be a Nepali Citizenship
  2. Must not have any Criminal Record
  3. Not a member of any political party
  4. Physical and Mentally Fit (Training for a Week)
  5. Basic knowledge of Reading and Writing

Advantages of Joining Myadi Prahari in Nepal

  1. Handsome salary
  2. Ration allowance (Food)
  3. Clothing expenses provided (Uniform)
  4. Transportation expense covered
  5. Insurance as prescribed by the Nepal Government.
  6. Short term Job and chance to serve the nation
  7. Work with Police and Nepal Army

Myadi Police Job Vacancy Priority for recruitment

  • Former security personnel (Retired) Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police;
  • Former forest guards, also known as Ban Rakshak.
  • If you plan to apply for Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force in the future.
  • Former myadi police who have been previously recruited as Myadi Police temporary police officers have done a good job.

Selection Process of Myadi Police | Prahari

  1. After submitting the application form
  2. Pre-medical checkup (Basic)
  3. Physical exam
  4. Written exam
  5. Medical health checkup
  6. Interview

1. Initial Pre-Medical

  • Vision test (should have good eyesight)
  • Should not have Wound or Skin diseases
  • Weight should match according to height (Not more or Not less)
  • All the body parts should be working fine

Height, Chest, and Weight:

5 ft from neck4.10 ft from neck
50 KgAt least 42 Kg
Chest: 31 – 33 inchNil
Height, weight, and check requirements for Maydi Police

2. Myadi Police Physical Test

It is security work, even if this is for a month. So, you will need to be physically fit and be able to pass a simple test to join the Myadi Police in Nepal.

Myadi Police Physical Exam requirement
Myadi Police Physical Exam requirement
Running (1 KM)Must complete within 5 minComplete with within 7 min
Set Up105
Push Up105
Physical test for age 18 – 39
Running (1 Km)Must complete within 10 minMust complete within 12 min
Set Up54
Push Up54
Physical test for ages 40 – 54

Myadi Police Written Exam Syllabus

Myadi Prahari Written Exam Syllabus
Myadi Prahari Written Exam Syllabus

Medical health checkup

This is a basic medical check-up measuring blood pressure, Sugar, Heart Rate, and other common tests.


Lastly, the final step of this selection process is the interview. The full mark for this is 20, and 8 will be the passing mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for Myadi Police?

Above 18 and not more than 54 years of age.

Who can join the myadi police?

The physically and mentally fit Nepalese citizens under the age limit (18 to 54 years) can apply.

What are the minimum height and weight for Myadi?

Men need to be 5ft from the neck and at least 50KG, while women should be 4.10 ft and 42 kg at least.

Physical test in Myadi Prahari?

Running 1 Km within the time limit, Setups, and Push-ups are the only physical test.

When will I get paid in Myadi Prahari?

You will be paid to your bank account.

How much is Myadi Prahari Salary in November 2022?

Myadi Prahari’s salary has been set at Rs 32,760, but with other allowances, the total income will be around Rs 50,000. Allowance for Food, Uniform and Other.

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