Nepal Army Salary with Rank 2079: Latest Update in 2022

Nepal army salary complete list with rank in 2022

Have you ever wondered what is Nepal Army Salary is? How much do they earn, and what different ranks are there in the Army?

Did you know that the Nepali Army was known as the Gorkhali Army and the Royal Nepali Army?

It was officially renamed to Nepali Army after the Nepali Civil War on 28 May 2008, after the abolition of the Shah dynasty.

Nepal Army Salary with Rank 2079

The decision of the Nepal Government to raise the salary of the Nepali government employees in the fiscal year 2079/90 has increased the

Salary of Nepali Army Officer with Ranks

The current highest rank in the Nepal Army is General Prabhu Ram Sharma, also known as Chief of Army Staff (COAS), who took over the position on 9 November 2021.

He is the successor to Purna Chandra Thapa, who was previously General of the Nepal Army (9 September 2018 – 9 September 2021).

Nepal army salary list from 2079 Shrawan 1
Nepal Army Salary Updated on 2079 Shrawan 1
RankNepaliStarting Salary (NPR)
COAS Generalमहारथी (प्रधानसेनापती)Nrp 77,211
Lieutenant generalरथीNrp 74,221
Major GeneralउपरथीNrp 72,082
Brigadier Generalसहायक रथीNrp 60,950
ColonelमहासेनानीNrp 56,787
Lieutenant Colonelप्रमुख सेनानीNrp 52,279
MajorसेनानीNrp 48,737
Captainसह सेनानीNrp 47,208
Lieutenantउप सेनानीNrp 45,103
Honourable Lieutenantमानार्थ उप सेनानीNrp 43,689
Second Lieutenantसहायक सेनानीNrp 43,275
Officer Cadetउप सेनानीNrp 42,389
Salary of Nepal army officer rank 2022 update

Note: There are certain criteria you have to fulfill if you want to join as an Army Officer in Nepal directly.

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Other Nepal army ranks and salary

Nepal Army Basic Salary 2022
Nepal Army starting salary plus bonuses
RankRank in NepaliStarting Salary (NPR)
Subedar Majorप्रमुख सुवेदार40,998
Warrant Officer First Classसुवेदार34,730
Warrant Officer Second Classजमदार32,853
Lance Corporalप्यूठ26,634
Non-combatantनन कम्बानेन्ट24,702
Salary of Nepal army 2022 update

Nepal Army Air Service and Non-combatant

Nepal Army Air Service and Non-combatant
Nepal Army Air Service and Non-combatant Salary 2022

This is all the information I’ve gathered on Nepal Army Salary with the rank updated on 2079 Shrawan 1. If you wish to know more then, please visit their official website, they have listed everything you need to know.


What is the Nepal army second lieutenant salary in Nepal?

Nepal army’s second lieutenant starting salary in Nepal is Rs 43,689.

Which is the highest post and salary in the Nepal army?

Nepal army’s top rank is COAS General, with a starting salary of Nrp 77,211.

What is starting Salary of the Nepal army?

A Recruit in Nepal army has starting salary of 24,702.

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