How to Join as Officer Cadet in Nepal Army

If you plan to join as Officer Cadet in Nepal Army, there are a few physical, Educational and other requirements that you must pass.

Officer Cadet are those who are in a training phase as their training is completed they will officially be called and be 2nd / Second lieutenant in the Nepali army.

After completing and passing all the exams and joining as an officer cadet, you will go to a 18-months training at Officer Cadet Training Center.

This is the officer-level joining, so the educational qualification is much higher than that of Followers or the regular recruit.

Joining as an officer cadet in the Nepalese army is a huge honour, even though the pay is lower compared to other nations’ armies. After completion of training, you will be in the ranks of Junior officers as 2nd lieutenant.

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How to Join as Officer Cadet in Nepal Army

How to Join as Officer Cadet in Nepal Army
Nepal Army as Officer Cadet 2022

There is a lot of completion for Officer Cadets in Nepal. Thousands of young and energetic boys compete to join, whereas the vacancies for this in 2022 or 2079 were only 229.

You can check for Vacancy Opening at: (This is the official website of the Nepal Army, and they post all the news and vacancy there)

Educational Qualification for Officer Cadet

After completing secondary school, most students in Nepal start training for the Indian or UK Army. But if you work a little bit more, you can join as an officer in Nepal.

The education qualification required for a second lieutenant or the officer cadet is completing either a higher secondary or bachelor’s degree.

  • Condition 1: Have completed Intermediate level or plus 2, which is 12 years of education. Age limit: Must be 18 years, not exceeding 21 years.
  • Condition 2: Having completed a bachelor’s degree within the age limit of 18 years and not exceeding 24 years.

Physical requirements

The physical requirement for Adhikrt kyadet for men is

  • Weight – 50 Kg and,
  • Height – 5′ 3″
  • Chest: 32 – 34 inches

While the women have

  • Weight: 5ft
  • Height: 40 Kg

Physical tests

Like any other army, you will need to pass the physical test.

  • Push Ups – 10 times
  • Sit Ups – 15 times
  • Chin Ups – 3 times
  • Two-mile running – Must complete in 17 minutes
  • 300-meter running – Complete with 55 seconds

Written Test Exam

After providing all the documents and passing all the above tests, candidates must go through the following written tests

  • I.Q. – 60 marks (30 minutes)
  • General knowledge – 100 marks (90 minutes) and,
  • Written Exams- English, Mathematics & Nepali (Full marks 100 each & 3 hours for each subject)

Even after passing all these exams, the test is not over yet now comes the hard part, where you will be going through a series of Interviews like

  • TO (Technical Officer),
  • GTO (Group Tasking Officer),
  • IO (Interviewing Officer), And
  • Board Interview.

Finally, if you can make it to the final list, you will go to Officer Cadet Training Center at Kharipati, Bhaktapur, for your training.

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Officer Cadet?

Anyone who passes age, education, and physical is eligible to apply for officer cadet in Nepal.

What is age limit for Officer Cadet/Second lieutenant in Nepal?

For those who have complete 12th (18 – 21 years) and if you have Bachelor’s degree, then you need to be 18 to 24 years old.

How can I know if a vacancy is open for Officer in the Nepal army?

For information, you can check their official website, “,” or the news portal.

How many years of training after passing the Officer Cadet exam?

After passing the exam, you will be sent to Officer Cadet Training Center for 18 months.

What are the minimum height and weight for the Nepal army?

For Officer Cadet, you will need at least 50 kg weight and 5ft 3inches of Height.

How much does a Second lieutenant earn in Nepal?

a Second lieutenant starting salary is Nrp 43,275.

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