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Driving License

Renewal Fee Calculator

License Renewal Fee Calculator

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About License Renewal Fee Calculator

This simple web application will calculate the amount you need to pay in the Department of Transport Management office while Renewing your Driving License in Nepal.

No, the cost of Photocopies, Stamps, and other miscellaneous items is not included. We have only included the cost that you need to pay in the Transport Management Office.

Use License Renew Calculator

To use the License Renewal Fee Calculator is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose your Category: Both vehicle categories and names are shown for ease.
  • Choose your Expiry Date: Expiry dates are displayed on your Driver’s License.
  • Click on Calculate: Tap on the Calculate button.


You will be shown the following results:

  1. Renewal Fee: This is the Basic Cost to renew the license in your selected category.
  2. Medical Fee: License renewal requires a Color Blindness test.
  3. Late Fee: If you do not renew within 90 days, you will be charged a late fee.
  4. Total Cost: Payment you will need to pay inside the DOTM office.

Note: Costs such as Photocopy and Stamps (If Needed) are not added to this calculator.


The License Renewal Fee Calculator is a web application designed to assist Nepali Citizens in calculating the cost of renewing their licenses based on specific categories and expiry dates.

The app allows users to select a category (such as scooter, bike, car, etc.), enter the expiry date of their license, and then calculate the renewal cost.

It calculates the basic fees of each category, medical fees, and any applicable late fees based on the number of days the license has expired.

The result section displays the breakdown of the renewal fee components and provides a notice to inform users about the expiry date, the number of days overdue, and the corresponding late fee percentage.

It aims to simplify the process of estimating the renewal cost and to help users understand the fees involved in renewing their licenses.

DOTM charges late fees if you fail to renew your license within 90 days. The late fee is calculated based on the number of days the license has expired from that.

The calculator applies different percentage rates depending on the duration of the expiration, ranging from 100% within 91 days – 1 year to 500% for licenses that expired between 4 and 5 years.

This calculator’s calculations are based on data from 30th May 2023. So, it is accurate unless the DOTM changes the fee and fines.

Currently, we have added only three categories (K, A, and B) which are Scooter only, Bikes, and Small Vehicles like (Car, Van, and Jeeps).

The basic fees vary based on the license category. The calculator considers different basic fees for each category, ensuring accurate cost calculations.

Medical fees for Colour blindness are compulsory when you register or renew your driving license in Nepal.

Yes, the calculator can be used for licenses that have expired for an extended period. It applies the relevant late fee percentage based on the duration of the expiration.

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