SIP in Nepal: NIBL Sahabhagita Fund announced 4% Cash Dividend

NIBLSF - SIP in Nepal dividend 2023

The first open-ended mutual fund, also known as SIP in Nepal, NIBL Sahabhagita Fund, has announced to provide only 4% cash dividends to its shareholders.

SIPNIBL Sahabhagita Fund
Year 2079-80
Face ValueRs 10
Shares190,993,785 units
Unit holder71,223 holders
Book Closure2080/04/11
Average Return17.3625
NIBLSF, SIP in Nepal | Value as on 2023-07-26

NIBL Sahabhagita Fund announced a 4% Cash Dividend in 2080

On the 110th meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held in 2080, Shrawan 11 decided to distribute a cash dividend of four percent for the recently concluded financial year 2079-80.

NIBL Sahabhagita Fund has an average return of 17.3625% as of 2023. Check for the dividend return below.

Investors can either use the popular Return Re-investment Plan (DReP) or Withdrawal the dividend directly.

Dividend History of NIBL Sahabhagita Fund SIP

NIBLSF is the only SIP in Nepal that has been constantly providing dividends to its shareholders, even if the concept is new to Nepalese citizens.

The average returns for NIBL Sahabhagita Fund have decreased this FY as NIBLSF will provide only a 4% cash bonus.

It was 7.2% on 2078/2079, the highest return was in 2077/2078 with 50% and 8.25% on the 2076/2077 FY.

2078/79 7.2%
2079/80 4%
Average 17.3625%
NIBLSF SIP in Nepal Returns 2023

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