How to Pay Shram Swikriti Payment Online?

PaymentForeign Employment
AppsKhalti, eSewa, Connect IPS
Application FeeFree or रु300 (Paid)
Welfare Fundरु‎ 1500
Myadi Insuranceरु 3708
(Fee Higher for Older Age)
Shram Swikriti Payment Overview 2024

You need to pay for the Insurance and Foreign Employment Welfare Fund if you want to get Shram Swikriti from the Department of Foreign Employment, Nepal.

Foreign Employment Term Insurance, also known as Baideshik Rojgar Myadi Jeevan Beema, and Welfare Funds, which is known as Baidesik Rojgar Kalyankari Kosh.

If you have not applied for a work permit, then first Apply for Shram Swikriti Online.

Note: The application form is free, but if you are applying through other 3rd party agents, then they will charge a maximum of Rs.300 (Charge set by the Department)

How much is the Fee for Shram Swikriti‘s Welfare Fund and Insurance Premium?

The fee for Shram Swikriti might differ based on your age, and it is because you need to pay more for insurance premiums. Check out the table below for full information.

Age Group2.5 years PremiumWalfare Fund
18 – 35 yearsरु 3708रु 1500
36 – 50 yearsरु 4531रु 1500
51 – 64 yearsरु 5463रु 1500
Shram Swikriti’s Welfare and Insurance fees

Insurance and Welfare funds amount for a foreign work permit in Nepal

How to pay for the Foreign Employment Welfare Fund online?

You can use digital wallets such as Khalti, eSewa, or IPS Connect to pay for Shram Swikriti online payment after creating an account in FEMIS for Foreign Employment Work Permit in Nepal.

foreign employment welfare fund online payment method
Process to pay foreign employment welfare funds online

a. Payment using the Khalti App

To pay for your foreign employment welfare fund from your Khalti app follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Khalti App
  2. Tap on Government Services
  3. Select Gov Payments
  4. Click on DOEF Welfare
  5. Choose Foreign Employment Welfare Fund (Individual)
  6. Enter your Passport Number and click on Get Details
  7. Complete Payment

b. Payment using IME Pay

If you use IME Pay, then here is my step-by-step process to pay for your Shram Swikriti Welfare Fund online:

  • Login to the IME Pay app
  • Tap on government
  • Select DOEF Welfare Fund
  • Enter your Passport Number
  • Click on Next Arrow
  • Pay

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You must complete the KYC Verification process to get Rs.25. You can also refer your friends and family to earn Rs. 25 for each new referral.

C. Payment using eSewa Digital Wallet

eSewa is one of the most popular digital wallets in Nepal, and if you already have this app, then follow the steps to pay for welfare funds for foreign employment in Nepal.

  • Go to the eSewa App
  • Tap on Govt. Payment
  • Choose Foreign Employment, Welfare Fund
  • Select Individual & Enter Passport Number
  • Click on Proceed
  • Confirm your Payment and Pay.

How to pay for Foreign Employment Insurance online?

Foreign employment insurance payment in Nepal
Process to pay for Foreign employment insurance premiums online in Nepal

Foreign Employment Insurance Payment can be made online using either Khalti or eSewa App.

You need to pay for at least 2.5 years of Insurance premiums for any government-listed companies if you want to get your Work Permit from Nepal Government.

This will take no more than a few minutes. All you need is your Passport number.

a. Insurance Premium for Work Permit using the Khalti App

Khalti app has more insurance companies to choose from than other digital wallets. You can choose your desired insurance company for Shram Swikriti.

  1. Go to the Khalti App
  2. Tap on Govt. Payment
  3. Choose DOEF Insurance & Select (Individual)
  4. Choose Insurance Company
  5. Enter Passport Number
  6. Click on Get Details
  7. Select Terms (Starts from 2.5 Years)
  8. Confirm and Pay

List of companies that provide insurance for Foreign Employment Work Permit on Khalti

You can choose from the listed insurance companies; prices have been fixed by the Nepal Government only difference is the service they provide.

  • Nepal Life Insurance
  • Sanima Reliance Life Insurance
  • National Life Insurance
  • Surya Jyoti Life Insurance
  • Citizen Life Insurance
  • Reliable Life Insurance
  • Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life Insurance

b. Insurance Premium for Work Permit using eSewa

Another way to pay for insurance for work permits in Nepal is by eSewa app to pay to Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the eSewa App
  • Tapp on Govt. Payment
  • Choose Foreign Employment Insurance
  • Select Individual
  • Select Insurance Company
    • Sun Nepal Life Insurance
    • Citizen Life Insurance
  • Enter your Passport Number
  • Select Terms (Minimum 2.5 Years)
  • Click on Proceed
  • Confirm and Pay

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