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Best Mobile Digital Wallets in Nepal Online Payment Apps

The world is Digital, and the payment system is also changing slowly. Today there are countless Digital Wallets in Nepal.

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I’ve tried most of them and will describe my experience with them.

Today most restaurants, departmental stores, medical clinics, online stores, pay utility bills, and so on are adding these Digital Wallets as their payment gateway. Government offices are adding these payment services to pay bills and service fees.

This makes our shopping experience more manageable and less time-consuming as we do not have to carry loads of money or search for change while shopping.

Pay hassle-free and move on without worrying about change or the cashier making mistakes while returning our change.

List of Digital Wallets in Nepal | Online Payment Apps

Here is the list of all the available Mobile Digital Wallets in Nepal

  1. e-Sewa | Digital wallet in Nepal for Online payment services
  2. Khalti | Digital Wallet & Online Payment Services in Nepal
  3. IME Pay – Mobile Digital Wallet
  4. iPay
  5. Prabhu Pay
  6. SajiloPay
  7. CG Pay
  8. CellPay
  9. PayWell Nepal
  10. Moru Wallet
  11. iCash – Digital Wallet Provider in Nepal
  12. d-पैसा | Digital Payment
  13. QPay
  14. EnetPay
  15. MOCO
  16. UnelmaPay
  17. BANKS – Mobile Apps

Nowadays, almost every bank has its mobile app, which you can use as any other digital wallet.

Best Digital Wallets in Nepal

  • e-Sewa
  • Khalti

As you can see, many Digitial Wallets provide online payment services in Nepal. But which wallet should you use? if you are confused, here are my top 2 payment wallets that I like and use for different purposes.

I’ve selected these 2 digital wallets for different reasons. One of them is their convenience, service, ease to use, security, acceptability, accessibility, and many other reasons.

1. e-Sewa | Digital wallet in Nepal for Online payment services

e-Sewa - best mobile digital wallet in Nepal
e-Sewa Digital Wallets in Nepal – official website

Download Link for e-Sewa:

No, doubt, e-Sewa is one of the best Digitial wallets in Nepal which makes online payment easy, secure, and fast. e-Sewa provides cashback offers, gives discount coupons, hosts contests, and many more.

Apart from all these, e-Sewa is a pioneer of Online Payment in Nepal. When no one was doing it, e-Sewa started and continues to dominate this market.

They are constantly adding new features and are always adding ways through which we Nepalese can quickly pay bills from our homes.

A few years back, paying utility bills was a lot of trouble as offices were in different places. Now it is a lot easier, and we can pay these bills from our homes and save time, transportation costs, and energy.

All these are possible from the comfort of our homes. Also, we get reward points for purchases, and if offers are available, we get discounts.

You can also book domestic flight tickets online to any of the 7 provinces in Nepal through e-Sewa, and the option to buy tickets for international plane tickets is also available.

The app eSewa is accessible through Mobile (Android/IOS) or their website.

2. Khalti | Digital Wallet & Online Payment Services in Nepal

Khalti - Digital Wallet & Online Payment Service - list of online wallets in nepal
Khalti – Digital Wallet & Online Payment Service – Official website

Download Link for Khalti:

I think Khalti is just a few steps behind e-Sewa. They do everything e-Sewa does, and some of their features are better.

Khalti has partnered with many amazing companies, and if you keep an eye on the offers, they frequently provide discounts and other offers.

Discount Coupon, Khalti Balance, Bonus Balance, Discount on specific payments, cashback, and many more.

Some International service like Macfee Antivirus Purchase, PPV Movies, AltBalaji, and SonyLive is also available through the Khalti app.

e-Sewa V/S Khalti Mobile Wallet App, which is better?

Even though both the apps are better, e-Sewa is probably gonna be preferred as an e-wallet in Nepal as it has been in the Nepalese market for more than a decade, and the trust within it is high.

In terms of installs, e-Sewa has many people using it. To be honest, I only used e-Sewa till last month. Only after Worldlink did I start using Khalti to pay bills, and I was surprised by the service of Khalti and liked it.

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