How to Apply for Rs 5000 Medical Allowance in Nepal

Guideline to Provide Medical Treatment Expenses for for Kidney Transplant, Cancer, Kidney & paralyzed patients from spinal injuries -

The government of Nepal has now started accepting applications to provide a livelihood or medical allowance of Rs 5,000 per month to Kidney, Cancer & Spinal patients in Nepal.

Citizens with these conditions must constantly seek medical and medicinal attention, which puts them under a huge financial burden. So, this decision has finally been implemented.

A budget of Rs 1.5 billion has been allocated for this project.

According to kidney transplant patients, they had to pay around Rs 20,000 or more every month for medicine and regular check-ups.

And now, the government has decided to lift some of the burdens by providing them with financial help. This program has been in discussion for a long time.

Finally, the application forms are available, and you can apply for a Rs 5000 medicine allowance through the local ward office.

How to Apply for Rs 5000 Medicine Allowance in Nepal

You need to fill out an application form which you can download here or visit your ward office.

Documents Needed for Medical allowance in Nepal

  • Application Form
  • Doctor’s recommendation
  • Citizenship or National Identity Card
  • If minor, a copy of the birth certificate.

Who can apply for Rs 5000 per month medical allowance in Nepal?

Medical allowance is for Nepalese citizens who are suffering from

  1. Kidney Disease (Failure and Transplant)
  2. Cancer and,
  3. Spinal cord paralysis

These patients can apply for this medicine or medical allowance in Nepal.

You can receive the decided amount if you have any medical problems mentioned above.

Application for Medical Allowance of Rs 5000 for Kidney, Cancer, and Spinal Cord patients in Nepal?

  1. Download this Application form: Click Here OR Visit your ward office.
  2. Doctor’s recommendation on eligibility for this allowance – Visit your Hospital (Image Below).
  3. Fill in your personal information.
  4. Provide your bank details. (In case of minors use a guardian’s account)
  5. Submit your application to the Ward office.

You will receive your money for medical allowance in your bank account.

Medicine allowance in Nepal step by step application process
Easy application for Medicine allowance in Nepal 2022
How to apply for rs 5000 medicine or medical allowance in nepal
Medical allowance in the nepal application writing process

According to the News portal and official government reports, you will receive your allowance once every 3 months, which will be Rs 15,000.

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