How to Apply for Rs 5,000 Allowance: Cancer, Kidney & Spinal Patients in Nepal

The government of Nepal has now started accepting applications to provide a livelihood or medicine allowance of Rs 5,000 per month to Kidney, Cancer & Spinal patients in Nepal.

A budget of Rs 1.5 billion has been allocated for this project.

Citizens with these medical conditions must constantly seek medical and medicinal attention which puts them under a huge financial burden. So, this decision has finally been implemented.

A transplant patient has to pay a minimum of around Rs 15,000 every month on medicine and regular check-up and now the government has decided to lift some of the burdens.

Though this program has been in discussion for a long time, now finally the forms are available and the local ward is accepting them.

You can visit your local ward for application and ask for help if you do not understand anything in this post.

For the complete application process check the steps below.

Rs 5000 Allowance: Cancer, Kidney & Spinal Patients in Nepal

You can apply for this by downloading the form from the internet in PDF form (Form Link Below) or by visiting your ward office and asking them for the application, filling it up, and submitting it.

The application process does not take long and can be done within a few days.

So, Who is eligible for this social welfare allowance? What kind of patients will receive this social welfare allowance of Rs 5000 per month in Nepal?

the patients that are either

  1. Kidney transplant patient,
  2. Dialysis patients,
  3. All Cancer Patients and,
  4. Spinal cord injury patients

will receive a Rs 5000 per month allowance in Nepal.

If you have any of those medical problems mentioned above, you are eligible to receive the decided amount on 3 monthly bases to buy medicine.

How to Apply for Livelihood Allowance of Rs 5000 in Nepal?

If you are wondering how can I apply for the allowance then, the application process to apply for social welfare allowance or livelihood allowance of Rs 5,000 per month in Nepal is

  1. Download this Application form: Click Here or
  2. Visit your ward office for Application (Skip if you download yourself)
  3. Fill up the form (Name, Hospital, Address and your Doctor’s signature)
  4. One of the forms should be signed by your attending doctor (Visit your hospital and request your doctor)
  5. Submit your application to the Metropolitan/Sub-metropolitan and Ward office

Ward office will distribute the amount, in the bank that you’ve given your form.

According to the News portal and official government reports, you will receive your allowance once every 3 months, which will be Rs 15,000.

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