How to Apply Social Security Allowance in Nepal 2022

Did you know your grandparents or parents who are aged 68 or above can receive Social Security Allowance in Nepal which is also known as Old Age Allowance or Birha Bhatta? So, if you are wondering how to apply then keep reading.

Recently the government of Nepal has reduced the minimum age from 70 to 68 years to receive an old age pension in Nepal. Other than this there is an allowance for People with disabilities, unmarried, widowed, and divorced women.

If you qualify for any of the programs mentioned then you will receive funds on 3 monthly bases. But there are a few rules you will need to follow to receive this allowance.

How to Apply Social Security Allowance in Nepal 2022

I think applying for this might be a hassle as I’ve done this for my grandparents. With my experience, I will suggest to you how you can apply for an old age pension in Nepal.

Social Security Allowance in Nepal price list 2022

If you fall into the category below, you can apply for Bridha Bhatta in Nepal 2022. These are also called samajik suraksha bhatta which government provides to eligible people once every 3 months.

Eligible for Allowance in Nepal 2022Age LimitMonthly
1. All Nepalese National68 and AboveRs 4000
2. Karnali region and Dalit communities60 And AboveRs 2660
3. Divorced and not married60 And AboveRs 2660
4. Unmarried Women60 And AboveRs 2660
5. Widows & UnmarriedNo Age LimitRs 2660
6. Catagory A disabilityNo Age LimitRs 3990
7. Catagory B disabilityNo Age LimitRs 2128
8. Allowance for Rising KidsBelow 9yearsRs 532
social security allowance in Nepal (English)

Now, that you know who is eligible it is time to prepare all the necessary documents you will need to present while applying.

1. Documents Required or Prepare before applying

Preparing documents or at least checking what you have carried before going to the office is a must. Because if you forget even one paper the whole process will be stopped.

  • Application form. (You will get this form in your local ward office)
  • A copy of citizenship.
  • Two copies of passport-sized photos.
  • A copy of the migration certificate (Only for those who have migrated).
  • Death certificate (For widows only)
  • Divorce certificate (For divorced only)
  • Application writing format for old age allowance will be available in the office.
  • In case of citizenship older than 2034, one must show Voters’ Identity Card

2. How to Apply for Bridha Bhatta in Nepal (Social Security Allowance Application Process in Nepal)

  • To apply for an old age allowance, the applicant has to contact the local municipal office.
  • You should apply within Mangsir 1st to 15 for the process. (Contact ward office to confirm dates)
  • With all the documents including an application letter go to Ward Office.
  • Then the ward will write a recommendation letter to Municipality.
  • Done, after this wait for your Pramand Patra (Card).

3. How to Collect my Old Age and Other Allowance Money in Nepal?

After Successfully getting verified and receiving your Praman Patra you can receive your allowance from Bank. You must be present at the bank yourself or your heirs (waris).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Old Age Allowance in Nepal?

All Nepalese citizens who are 68 years of age and above can apply for this social security allowance also known as Bridha Bhatta in Nepal.

How much is Old Age Allowance 2022?

Old Age Allowance in Nepal is Rs 4000 but the Nepal government pays Rs 12,000 once every 3 months to all the officially registered citizens.

Where can I apply for Social Security Allowance in Nepal?

You can go to your local ward office on specific dates to request a form and create the necessary documents to apply.

Social Security Allowance eligible person

1. Citizen 68 years old and above
2. Unmarried and Divorcee – 60 years and above
3. Widowed Women – unmarried (No age limit)
4. People with disability, check for more.

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