How to Watch Fifa World Cup 2022 live in Nepal

watch Fifa world cup 2022 live in Nepal

The Fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar started on 20th November and is the 22nd edition of the World cup, this competition is played every 4 years, and countries from all over the world participate.

The Fifa World Cup a football tournament is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. It is estimated that this competition will be watched by half the population of the globe around the world.

There will be a total of 64 matches played in the 2022 football world cup across the newly built stadiums in different 5 host cities of Qatar.

So where can I watch world cup football matches in Nepal? if you have these questions then stay on we are going to answer them all.

TournamentFifa World Cup 2022
Year2022 | 2079
Total Matches62
Participating Teams32
Opening ceremony20th November 2022
Final Match18th December 2022
Telecast ChannelHimalaya Premium HD
Live StreamingNone
Fifa World Cup 2022 Details

How to Watch Fifa World Cup 2022 live in Nepal

You need to pay NPR 500 plus taxes if you want to watch Fifa World Cup 2022 live in Nepal. Media Hub Nepal has the exclusive right to broadcast matches in Nepal and they are in no mood to telecast them for free.

Instead, they have launched a new channel Himalaya Premium HD channel which you have to pay a one-time fee of 565 Nepali rupees to watch the football tournament.

You can watch the Himalaya Premium channel on any IPTV after paying the necessary fee. Some list of the TV in Nepal that you can watch the FIFA world cup is

  1. Dishhome,
  2. NetTV,
  3. NTTV,
  4. Max NetTV,
  5. ClearTV,
  6. Mero TV,
  7. BroadTV,
  8. Dishhome IPTV,
  9. SIM TV,
  10. ViaTV,
  11. Sky,
  12. DoinTV,
  13. UniqueTV,
  14. Skycom.

How to Buy World Cup 2022 Package in Nepal?

To buy a world cup package in Nepal first

  • Open the eSewa app or visit
  • Scroll down to Fifa World Cup 2022 option
  • Select your IPTV operator | My NETTV
  • Enter customer ID
  • Select Setup Box and Package
  • Pay and complete

Login to Digital wallte | eSewa

You can choose any digital wallet in Nepal, most of them are providing this service. I choose eSewa.

Select your IPTV operator | My NETTV

Watch fifa world cup select cable and IPTV in Nepal edited
Watch Fifa world Cup 2022 on Nettv

Scroll down to Fifa World Cup 2022 and choose your cable or IPTV.

Enter customer ID

I have Nettv installed so, I am choosing Nettv, now enter your customer ID.

If you have any other operator then the process is similar, all that changes is the ID that Ii am entering here.

Select Setup Box and Package

The package prices are the same for every cable operator so there should be no confusion in this.

Pay and complete

Just press proceed and pay for your package and it should activate your Himalayan Premium Channel.

You have to pay Rs 565 in total to watch all the matches of the Fifa world cup.

You can pay or buy world cup packages (Himalaya Premium channel) from eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, and other digital wallets in Nepal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which channel broadcast Fifa World Cup in Nepal?

Himalayan Premium and Himalayan TV HD will broadcast Fifa World Cup in Nepal.

Can I watch FIFA world Cup for Free in Nepal?

You can watch the opening ceremony and world cup finals for free on Himalayan Channel – according to onlinekhabar

How much is the Fifa world cup package price?

Rs 565 is the total cost you need to pay to watch the football world cup in Nepal.

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