Get Dollar Card in Nepal: Easy Process, Documents & Fees

Process to get dollar card in Nepal

If you work online and wish you could have the power to buy necessary subscriptions, then you can create a Dollar card in Nepal.

The debit or ATM cards that Nepalese banks issue is usually usable in Nepal and India only you cannot use them as Travel or Foreign currency card, NRB rules limits online usage unless you activate them.

Though there are many digital wallets in Nepal you will be able to use them within Nepal and now possibly in India as well but not online(internationally).

After years of struggle, Nepali people can create their Dollar cards and purchase items or subscriptions for their favorite streaming platform or buy games they want to play.

ArticleDollar Card Application Process
Who can Apply?All Nepalese
RequirementsBank Account, PAN Card, Citizenship
Issue FeeDepends on Bank
Issue timeInstant | 3 to 4 Weeks
Maximum Limit$500 per Year
Validity5 years
Annual FeeDepends on Bank
Top up/ReloadableYes, up to $500 in a Year
WithdrawWithdrawal available

How to Make Dollar card in Nepal 2023

To get your dollar cards in Nepal you can visit your bank’s nearest branch or apply through their Website or App.

Anyone with a bank account can create International physical or virtual cards that their banks offer.

Process to get Dollar Card in Nepal
Step By Step Process to apply for Dollar Card in Nepal

Documents required to Create Dollar Card in Nepal

NRB, or Nepal Rastra Bank, has allowed banks to distribute cards that can be used online or internationally. Documents you need to provide while applying for a dollar card are

  1. Bank account (Your Choice of Bank)
  2. Personal PAN card
  3. Update KYC form (Not Everyone)
  4. Application form (Provided by Bank or Download Online) and,
  5. Self-declaration application (Provided by Bank or Download Online)

Step-by-Step Process to Create Dollar Card in Nepal

  1. Go to your Banks and ask for Dollar Card Form
  2. Fill up the Form
  3. Sign the self-declaration application
  4. Provide them with your PAN Card
  5. Fill in the amount you want NPR/USD
  6. Receive your card (Instant)
  7. Done.

You can choose either virtual or physical; if you choose virtual, you will receive your card details in your email. If not, then you need to visit your bank to receive it.

See an example application form for the Global IME E-com USD Card. Here is how you can fill out the form for Dollar Cards in Nepal.

How to fill Application Form for Dollar Cards in Nepal

Dollar cards in nepal application form
Dollar card application form – Global IME (Demo)

Self Declaration Form

This is the declaration form, where you agree to purchase only those products that are not restricted by the laws and regulations of the Nepal Government.

You should follow other rules because you agree to all the terms. Please read and fully understand before you sign.

Self Declaration form for Dollar cards in Nepal
Self Declaration Form

It depends on the banks how much time they take to provide you with your Dollar card. Also, there are 2 types of dollar cards, one for Nepalese citizens and the other for those who are going foreign for travel, work, or studies.

I’ve researched a few banks’ websites, and I believe the Global IME E-com card has the cheapest issuance and top-up fee.

Note: This is for educational purposes; please do not download this form. You will need to visit Banks official website or branch for the form.

Rules to follow after you make or get Dollar Card

This is no secret that you should not involve in illegal activity; with this dollar card, you will have the opportunity to surf the web and purchase stuff.

  • You can only create one dollar card. Multiple cards from multiple banks shall be punishable as per law.
  • The maximum limit is $500/year, so the most you can use is $500 in a year, not more than that.
  • You should not disclose Card No. and 3-digit Security Code.
  • You can request your USD to be transferred back to your NPR account.
  • You cannot withdraw your balance through ATM.

Issuance and Top Up Fee for Dollar Cards in Nepal

Banks in Nepal charge a small issue fee for Dollar cards and also for adding more balance. These fees vary depending on the Bank you choose.

To help you choose and get better rates and service we’ve included a table below comparing issuance and top-up fees for Dollar cards at different banks. You will see some banks has higher fees compared to other.

Bank NameIssue FeeTop Up Fee
Global IME Bank: Global E-com CardNPR 500, Personalized: NPR 600NIL
NIC Asia: NIC ASIA FCY Freedom CardNPR 350NPR 250 (Free for 1st Load)
BOKNPR 1,000NPR 250
MBL: Machhapuchchre Dollar CardUSD 10USD 2
Kumari Bank: Kumari $eCom CardNPR 500NPR 500
Citizen BankNPR 500NPR 500
Nabil Bank: Nabil iCard (Virtual)NPR 1000NPR 500
Sunrise Bank: Sunrise E-cardNPR 1000NRP 100, OTP 100
NMB: NMB Dollar Card (Virtual)NPR 500NPR 500
Siddhartha Bank: Siddhartha eCom CardNPR 1000Not Known
Bank Issue Fee for Prepaid USD Card

These fees might change in the future, will try to update them as frequently as possible. Please do your research as well or contact your bank for more information.

List of Banks that Provide Dollar Cards in Nepal

Both commercial and development banks listed below provide USD or international cards in Nepal. The list of banks is divided into two parts commercial and development banks.

Commercial Banks that provide Dollar cards in Nepal

There are 27 commercial banks in Nepal that provide this service to their customer.

Himalayan BankSanima BankStandard CharteredNabil Bank
Nepal SBI BankCitizens BankSiddhartha BankBank Everest Bank
Prabhu CommercialNepal BankMachhapuchchre BankSunrise Bank
Bank of KathmanduCivil BankNepal Investment BankGlobal IME
Nepal Bangladesh BankLaxmi BankCentury Commercial BankKumari Bank
Rastriya Banijya BankMega BankNepal Commerce and Credit BankPrabhu Bank
NIC Asia BankNMB BankAgriculture Development Bank
Commercial Banks that provide Dollar Cards in Nepal

Development Banks in Nepal for USD Card

Even if you have a Bank account in a Development bank then also you can create an international prepaid card from Nepal, see the list of banks below.

Corporate Development BankJyoti Bikas BankKamana Sewa Bikas BankShangri-la Development Bank
Excel Development BankKarnali Bikash BankSindhu Bikas BankShine Rasunga Development Bank
Saptakoshi Development BankLumbini Bikash BankSahara Bikas BankNarayani Development Bank
Green Development BankMahalaxmi Bikash BankSalapa Bikash BankMuktinath Bikash Bank
Miteri Development BankGarima Bikas Bank
Development Banks that provide USD international Cards in Nepal

FAQ about International USD Card in Nepal

What is Dollar Card in Nepal?

Normal debit or credit cards are only usable in either Nepal or India. But if you get a Dollar card in Nepal, you can make online transactions. Such as game top-ups, TikTok balance, buying subscriptions to Netflix, and others.

Creating a dollar card is unnecessary if you do not need it; these are USD cards that can be used online outside of Nepal.

How can I get Dollar Card in Nepal?

You can get your dollar card in Nepal through
1. Bank Application
2. Website
3. Mobile App

Visit your bank and ask for a dollar card or e-com USD card application form, fill it up, and submit it with your Personal PAN card. Some banks will give you your card instantly, while some may take time.

Is there a limit or usage of Dollar Cards in Nepal?

Yes, you can use only $500 yearly; this is the limit set by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) if you wish to use this card.
Any amount above that does not apply to a Nepalese individual.

What documents do I need to make a dollar card?

To make a Dollar Card, all you need is a Bank Account (any commercial or development bank), a Personal PAN card, and application forms given by banks are the only documents needed.

Will I get physical or virtual dollar cards in Nepal?

Most banks have options you can choose from, depending on whether you want a physical or virtual dollar card.

The only difference between a physical and virtual dollar card in Nepal is virtual cards are easier and quicker to get, and you do not need to visit the bank to collect your card. You will receive your virtual dollar card in your email.

How much does it cost to create dollar cards in Nepal?

Commercial and Development banks are distributing these cards on request and have set their fees for issuing, renewing, lost/remaking, and top-ups (recharging cards with USD).

Click here to compare different fees banks charge for Dollar cards in Nepal.

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