DV Result 2023 | 2024 in Nepal published on dvprogram.state.gov

The DV Result for 2023 | 2024, open from 5th October 2022 to 8th November 2022, is now live on the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Required Details to Check DV Result in Nepal 2024

DV Result 2023 | 2024 in Nepal Published

ResultDV Result 2023 in Nepal
Result Webistedvprogram.state.gov
Result Date6th May 2023
Result Time9:45 PM (NST)
Result ModeOnline
Result MethodRandom
Result CountriesWorldwide
Check DV Result 2023 in Nepal

How to Check DV Result 2023 in Nepal

Follow these simple steps to check your DV Result 2023:

  1. First, To check your DV lottery results for 2024, visit dvprogram.state.gov.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Entrant Status Check Button.
  3. Now, Click on Continue on the check instruction page.
  4. Here, Enter your unique Confirmation Number that you received when you applied for the DV program.
  5. Enter your Last Name and Year of Birth.
  6. Click on Submit Button.
  7. If you win: If you have been selected for further processing in the DV result program, you will receive instructions on what to do next.
  8. If you are not selected: you will see a message stating that you have not been selected for further processing.

How to Stay Away From DV Lottery Scam

dvprogram.state.gov is the only website where you can check your 2023 DV Lottery result.

If someone is showing you a result with your name without using your confirmation number, they are trying to scam you.

Please stay away from those people.

The lottery result can be checked only through Confirmation Number. If you have lost it, then there is no other way you can check it.

Information DV Lottery Result 2023 Program

Electronic Diversity Visa Program is a Lottery System to Get the US Green Card.

US Bureau of Consular Affairs selects Lucky 50,000 randomly electronically who can get permanent Residency in the US.

DV Program is open annually to eligible Countries.

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