How to Create Equivalence Certificate in Nepal 2022

Creating or Applying for an Equivalence Certificate in Nepal 2022 is easy & quick as these documents are for those who have studied on Foreign Board.

This is a simple certificate that will validate your board and studies that you’ve gained in a foreign country, A country other than Nepal.

For example, if you’ve passed 12th from Indian CBSE or ISCE board and want to continue your studies in Nepal then you’ll have to get an equivalence certificate in Nepal.

In my case, I passed the CBSE board and wanted to go abroad for further studies, as a Nepalese who studied on an Indian Board, I had to get my certificate while applying for NOC in Nepal.

Indian certificate equivalent in Nepal and other foreign boards are all done in the same office.

So, if you are facing any of those situations mentioned above then you can apply for this Equivalence Certificate in a few easy steps.

How to Create Equivalence Certificate in Nepal 2022

Documents required for equivalence certificate in Nepal

There is a minimum document required to get this certificate those are

  • Marksheet/Gradesheet – Certificate where your marks are shown
  • Pass Certificate/Certificate of Completion – Certificate where it shows you’ve passed
  • Character Certificate – Given by your School
  • Migration Certificate – Given while leaving School
  • Fee Rs 1000 (Nepalese Rupee)
  • Rs 1500 (If new Board)
  • Syllabus (Need to write in form)

You should carry original documents like a Marksheet, Certificate of Completion, Character Certificate, and Migration certificate because you will have to Notarize them before applying for an Equivalence Certificate.

I suggest you notarize your document before going to the office to create it.

Application for equivalence certificate – equivalence certificate Nepal online

You can download the form from their official website which is

equivalence certificate application in Nepal 2022 image
equivalence certificate application image

Take all your documents (notarized photocopy) along with the application form for the Equivalence Certificate

Why get an Equivalence Certificate?

This certificate is for those who’ve studied in a foreign country and now want to continue their studies in Nepal other than that this is used

  • To get NOC in Nepal (No Objection Certificate)
  • To study further in Nepal (For foreign students)
  • To get Government Job

Where Can I Notarize my Certificate for Equivalent?

Only a registered lawyer can notarize your certificate and you’ll need to provide your original certificate as well as a photocopy for the verification process.

You need the photocopy (Both sides) of these certificates to submit while applying for the Equivalence Certificate.

If you’ve forgotten to notarize your documents then you can visit Notary Public Office which is 5 to 8 minutes away from the office building.

Notarizing these does not take long, if you have all the necessary documents then it will probably take 10 to 15 minutes depending on how many are in line.

Check the map below to visit Notary Public Office.

MAP of Certificate Equivalent Office in Nepal 2022

If you are wondering where can I get an equivalent certificate then it is located in PANIKA, Bhaktapur Road, Madhyapur Thimi 44600. You can see the map below for a better direction.

You can get apply for all level certificates for A-levels, IB, Bachelors, Masters from TU CDC, CTEVT including 10th and 12th equivalent certificates in Nepal.


Where can I get an Equivalence Certificate in Nepal?

CDC – Curriculum Development Center, which is located in PANIKA, Bhaktapur Road, Madhyapur Thimi 44600

How much does it cost to create an Equivalence Certificate in Nepal?

If your Board is known then it will cost rs 1000 and if your board is new then you will have to pay Rs 1500.

How much time does it take to create an Equivalent Certificate in Nepal?

It will usually take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours depending on how many are applied at that time.

What is Notary and where can I get my certificate notarized?

You can get your certificate notarized from Notary Public Office which is 5 minutes away from the CDC’s office.

How much does it cost to Notarize your documents?

To notarize a document it will cost anywhere around Rs150 to Rs 250 including a photocopy fee.

Do I need to notarize my certificate?

Yes, without getting notarized your certificate won’t be accepted by the officer.

Indian certificate equivalent in Nepal

if you want the equivalence certificate of CBSE or ICSE board then you will need to visit Curriculum Development Centre and apply for it.

Do I need to apply myself for an equvalent certificate?

No, If you cannot physically go then your parents can apply on your behalf but will need to provide identification.

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