How Paypal in Nepal scams are happening? | Revealed

The rise of online transaction is rising in Nepal and so, Paypal in Nepal scams are. So, it is one of the most convenient ways to pay online.

Have you ever been scammed online? I’ve been and not just once but twice.

I wanted to buy a Paypal balance and searched on Facebook, after that loads of advertisements on those pages that sold balances started popping up in my FYP.

A few years back sellers were very trustworthy they instantly sent balance after payment but these days are different.

So, if you are buying these kinds of services or subscriptions please be aware.

How Paypal in Nepal scams are happening

This happened to me twice and I will be sharing a few images of the conversation and transaction.

First Paypal in Nepal SCAM

This was my first experience of getting scammed.

This was a few months back, I wanted only $10 for a month of Netflix subscription, but they insisted I buy at least $20 worth of balance.

I agreed thinking it won’t go waste anyway, I’ll use it sooner or later.

I paid him around 2200npr, and after a few minutes he said there is an error please buy $70 balance it will be easier for me.

It clicked to me, there was no way he could not send me those balances. So, I requested a refund, and guess what he blocked me. And deleted his FB page.

Second Paypal in Nepal SCAM

Paypal in Nepal SCAM image
Paypal in Nepal Scam

After getting scammed a few months back I took special care to choose a seller. I wanted to buy a few subscriptions and the total cost was around 45$

So, I decided to buy $10 worth of balance before paying in full to avoid scams this time I asked them their

  1. Personal number
  2. Address
  3. Citizenship (probably fake)
  4. Proof of Balance

After going through a few sellers I stumbled upon Infotech Supplier’s Pvt. LTD and surprisingly he has still not deleted his page.

He sent me all the documents I asked for which were pretty good and I was convinced he was legit.

But this one was even scarier that the first one.

Firstly I asked him the rate which was 122/$ I agreed and after a few chats and negotiations, I paid him fully.

He said I’m currently outside and on the bike so, it will take a few minutes.

I waited patiently and after 5mins he messaged me I’m sorry but it seems I cannot do this transaction. Can you buy a little more?

The first thought I has was “Ok! he’s a scammer” but why would a scammer fully reveal himself? so, dumb me believed him and paid the whole 50$ and waited.

After a few minutes, I received an SMS followed by a message from him.

Dai you must have received an OTP please give me that fast.

It was password-changing Digital Wallet Khalti’s OTP. He must have got the number from the payment details.

It was surprising, saddening, and mostly angry as myself I let this happen to me again and the loss this time was even bigger.

I wanted to see how far this scammer goes as I had very little balance, and a bank that was frozen so there was nothing to lose.

  • Me: Why do you need this OTP?
  • He: Company related for verification only, do not worry it will take a few minutes only and you will receive your balance.

As I wanted to see what he does next, I gave him the OTP he changed the password and immediately message one last OTP fast fast fast.

It was a verification Linked Bank Account, he wanted a load balance.

I knew what he was doing EVENTUALLY but there are a lot of people in Nepal who are getting in scammed and getting looted.

I knew it was too late to ask for a refund but still, I tried to scare him with a police case and also told him that my family is from a police background but it did not work and I lost a few thousand Nepali rupees in a few hours.

And no, I did not get my money back.

How are such scammers scamming in Nepal?

  1. They create new pages and add their service and promote it on FB
  2. They either start with a low amount and then gradually start rising. Or
  3. They set a minimum balance such as $50

The rise of digitalization and online Digital wallets in Nepal has brought small and online businesses a boom but on the other hand, there are a lot of scams happening too.

And the sad part is they target multiple users such as Tiktok balance withdrawal service, Cashapp, Paytm, and other popular services which are now available through Dollar Card in Nepal but is still a hassle for many.

Please be aware and share this with your friends so that they won’t get scammed as I do.

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