Molung Hydropower (MOHPL) IPO Opening 2023

Molung Hydropower IPO
CompanyMolung Hydropower LTD
IPOGeneral Public (Open)
Opening Date16th February 2023
Closing Date22nd February 2023
Extended Date02nd March 2023
Issued Unit2264655
Will be Allotted2,26,465 Applicants (5 extra units)
No. Of Application2,81,840 Applications Received
StatusOversubscribe (1.43 times)
Molung Hydropower Ltd IPO Overview

Molung Hydropower Limited IPO in Nepal

Total Units27,28,500
Share Ratio (Promoter: Public)56:44
Foreign Worker10% (2,72,850)
Mutual Funds2% (54,570)
Employees5% (1,36,425)
General Public27% (22,64,655)
Share Allocation of Molung Hydropower

How to Apply for the IPO of Molung Hydropower?

You can apply for the IPO through Meroshare and their Issue Manager.

To apply for an IPO, check out this guide on how to apply for an IPO in Nepal.

Information on Issue and Application

MOHPL, a hydropower company, is finally issuing Twenty-Two Lakhs, Sixty Four Thousand and Six Hundred and Fifty Five (22,64,655) unit shares to the general public.

At a face value of Rs100/unit, they plan to rise around Twenty-Two Crores Sixty-Four Lakhs Sixty Five Thousand and Five Hundred (22,64,65,500) Nepali rupees.

How many People will get the IPO of Molung Hydropower?

According to our calculation, only 2,26,465 expected applicants who apply for this IPO will get only 10 units. Five extra extra lucky applicants will get 11 units.

Molung Hydropower was already oversubscribed on the first day. Update released by the official website of CDSC, the company received around 2,81,840 applications by 5:11 pm.

MOHPL is oversubscribed by 1.43 times within 6 hours.

Who can Apply? and can Nepali from abroad buy an IPO?

Nepali citizens with a DEMAT and Meroshare account with enough balance can apply for MOHPL. If you have already applied through project-affected locals or foreign quotas and using 2 different accounts, then you cannot apply.

Nepali citizens who currently live in United Arab Emirates, Malaysia or other nations cannot apply because the application date for the foreign 10% IPO quota is already finished.

272,850 unit shares were sold to Nepalese citizens working abroad.

Overall, 56% of shares are of the promoter shareholders in the company.

Rating of Molung Hydropower Limited

Rated ByICRA Nepal
Issuer rating[ICRANP-IR] BB
RatingĀ Moderate risk
MOHPL Ratting by ICRA Nepal

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