How to Apply Fixed Deposit Online in Nepal?

Step By Step Process Open Fixed Deposide In Nepal

In the era of digital Nepal, everything is online including banking. Now, you can open a fixed deposit online in Nepal without visiting your Bank.

Fixed deposit is considered one of the safest investments in the world. Even though the returns on other investments seem better, FD in Nepal is safer and gives a better return.

The percentage of interest in muddati for individuals is almost the same in every commercial bank. Some finance is giving almost more than banks too.

You can read the full list of fixed deposit rates in Nepal

How to Apply for Fixed Deposit Online in Nepal?

To apply for a fixed deposit online in Nepal you need to have either Internet or Mobile banking service activated in your account.

Steps to Apply for Fixed Deposit in Global IME Bank LTD online

Apply Fixed deposit online in nepal of globalime bank
Open fixed deposit online in Nepal | Global IME

You can apply for FD through their Global IME plus app or website

  • First login to your account
  • Click on Fixed Deposit
  • Choose FD Type (I choose online FD)
  • Choose Duration/ Tenure
    • Minimum 3 months
    • Maximum 24 months
  • Add Email address (All information about FD will be sent there)
  • Add remark and click on Submit
  • Within a few minutes, your FD will be opened.

Process to Open FD in NMB Bank LTD Online

To apply for FD in NMB Bank LTD you need to first download NMB App

  • Log in to your mobile banking
  • Click on FD or Fixed Deposit option
  • Choose an option or click on add new FD
  • Select tenure
    • Minimum 3 months and above
    • Maximum 1 year and above
  • Enter amount
  • Click on Next and Confirm
  • Done

You can open FD from any commercial, development, or any other financial institution in Nepal. This is not investment advice this is a guide on how you can open an FD online.

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