Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Nepal 2023

fixed deposit interest rate in nepal

Fixed deposits are an investment option where you lock up your funds for a certain period of time. And here are its Interest Rates in Nepal 2023.

In short, fixed deposits are popular among Nepali because they offer higher interest rates than saving accounts. They also provide tax advantages and protection against inflation.

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Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Nepal

interest rate in nepal
Interest rates of Nepali banks in 2023

As of 17th of May 2023, commercial banks in Nepal are providing 9.99% in FDs. Previously, it was 12.133% in annual interest on fixed deposits as of 1st January 2023.

Check out the table below to compare and see the full list of banks with this FD interest rate.

Bank NameInterest
Min. Tenure
Global IME Bank9.99%3 months
Prime Commercial Bank9.99%3 months
Machhapuchhre Bank9.99%3 months
Kumari Bank9.99%3 months
Laxmi Bank9.99%3 months
NMB Bank9.99%3 months
Prabhu Bank9.99%3 months
Everest Bank9.99%3 months
Nepal Bank Ltd.9.99%3 months
Siddhartha Bank9.99%3 months
Citizens Bank Int’l9.99%3 months
Sunrise Bank9.99%3 months
NIC ASIA Bank9.99%3 months
Sanima Bank9.99%3 months
Himalayan Bank9.99%7 months
Rastriya Banijya Bank9.99%3 months
Nabil Bank9.99%3 months
NIMB9.99%3 months
Nepal SBI Bank9.99%1 year
Nepal SBI Bank9.00%6 months
Standard Chartered Bank9.99%1 year
Standard Chartered Bank8.00%3 months
Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Nepal [May 2023]

FD rates of Development Banks

Development banks fd rate
Development banks fd rate in Nepal 2023

Development banks tend to provide higher returns on fixed deposits. Currently, the highest is provided by Narayani Development Bank, which is 11.60% for 1.08 years.

BanksFD RateTenure
Narayani Bikas Bank11.60%
1.08 years
3 months
Green Development Bank11.50%
1.08 years
1 year
6 months
3 months
Corporate Bikas Bank11.25%6 months
Miteri Bikas Bank11.00%3 months
Excel Bikas Bank11.00%
1 year
6 months
3 months
Sindhu Bikas Bank10.90%
1 year
3 months
Karnali Bikas Bank10.85%
1 year
3 months
Muktinath Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Lumbini Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Shangrila Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Jyoti Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Garima Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Shine Resunga Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank10.60%
1 year
3 months
FD rates of Development banks in Nepal 2023

Note: These details have been taken from the respective bank’s official website and can be changed by the bank.

We update it frequently, but if failing, we take no responsibility for your investments.

Please, do confirm before investing any of your money.

Fixed Deposit in Nepal

What is a Fixed Deposit?

Fixed deposits are savings accounts where you put money away for a set period of time. For example, if you wanted to save NPR1,00,000 for three years, you would open a fixed deposit account with a bank and deposit NPR1,00,000 into it. When the term ends, you withdraw the money.

FD usually gives a higher interest rate than a normal saving account, so it is wise to open FD if you plan not to use your money for a long period.

Features of a Fixed Deposit

Some common features of a fixed deposit include:

  • Fixed Terms: Minimum 3 months to several years in Nepal
  • Fixed Interest Rates: There is no going back for both parties. You get the decided percentage.
  • Low Risk: Backed by the bank or financial institution.
  • Liquidity: Option to withdraw (penalty involved, might lose interest earning)

Are fixed deposits a safe investment in Nepal?

Fixed deposits are considered one of the safest ways to invest money. They are so secure that banks often use them to store government funds. This means that if you put money into a fixed deposit, you know exactly how much you will receive when you withdraw it.

Unlike other investments, such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, they don’t fluctuate in value. Check out Nepal Bank’s fixed deposit interest rate of all the commercial banks below.

FD rates in Nepal are decreasing gradually from 12% in January 2023 to around 10% as of 16th May 2023.

Can I withdraw money from Nepali Banks from a fixed deposit?

Yes, you can withdraw money from a fixed-term deposit. However, certain conditions must be met before you can do so. The bank will impose an early withdrawal fee.

You only FD those amounts you think you do not need in the coming future, and in Nepal, you also have options as low as three months.

And due to digitalization, you can now open a fixed deposit in Nepal from your mobile phone.

Is there a fine for early withdrawal from FD in Nepal?

Yes, there is a fine if you have to cancel your FD before the maturity date. If you take out your money from a fixed deposit account before the agreed time, you may have to pay a penalty.

The penalty amount depends on the bank’s rules and is usually between 0.50% and 1.00% in Nepal of the money you withdraw. Different banks have different policies.

So, contact your bank before investing to check how your bank handle early (premature) withdrawal.


What minimum amount can I keep in a fixed deposit?

You can keep a fixed deposit as low as NPR 10,000, but the respective banks usually set the minimum amount and minimum tenure for a fixed deposit in Nepal.

What are fixed deposit interest rates in Nepal banks?

As of May 2023, banks in Nepal are giving 9.99% interest on FD for individuals and up to 11.99% for remittance accounts.
Fixed deposit rates were all-time high on January 2023, which was 12.133%.

What is the fixed deposit interest rate in Nepal SBI Bank?

As of the 17th May 2023 update, Nepal SBI Bank gave 9.99% interest on fixed deposits for Individuals for 1 year and 9% on 6 months of FD.

Which development bank provides the best FD rate in Nepal?

Narayani Development Bank Limited is providing 11.60% on 1.08 years which is the best rate given by Bikas Bank.

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