How to submit Documents and Biometrics for Passport?

ePassport Nepal Biometrics Submission

You can select either the District Administrative Office or the Department of Passport Office to submit your Passport application form.

After successfully submitting Pre-enrollment for an epassport Nepal, down the form and visit the office you selected during the application for document and biometrics submission.

ArticleDocument and Biometric
Submission Office1. District Administrative Office
2. Department of Passport Office
Process Time1 – 3 hours approx.
Visit DateAs per Application Form
Visit TimingAs per the Application Form
Documents Needed1. Application Form
2. National Identity Number
3. Citizenship
4. Payment Slip
Biometrics Submission: Passport in Nepal

Check your application for office location if you have applied for the District Administrative Office or Department of Passport Office (DOP) for the appointment.

This article will specifically guide those who have an appointment at the DOP, Kathmandu.

How to Submit Documents and Biometrics for ePassport?

To submit documents and biometrics for ePassport in Nepal, visit the selected office at the designated time mentioned in your application, then

  1. Visit the Department of Passport Office.
  2. Complete the Verification Process.
  3. Pay the Passport Fee (Skip if you’ve paid online).
  4. Submit Biometrics.
  5. Completion.
Rooms in DOP NepalRoom Number
Verification2, 3, 4, and 5
Payment6, 7 and 8
Biometrics Submission9 and 10
Room in DOP, Kathmandu

Personal Experience: I suggest you visit the Office 30 minutes before the selected appointment time. The guard made sure everyone was queued promptly.

Others had a different experience.

1. Visit the Department of Passport Office

Underground Hall in Department of Passport

The Department of Passport Office is in Tripureswor, Kathmandu.

You might need to wait in the underground. If there are lots of people. The security personnel will hand over the payment voucher form, you can fill this out while waiting.

Then, you will be guided to the main hall.

2. Complete the Verification Process

Passport Form Verification inside DOP
The line to Verify Passport Form

You need to Verify your Passport Application which will be done at gates No. 2, 3, 4, and 5.

You need to take a copy of your Rastriya Parichaya Patra with you.

Apply: Pre-Enrollment of National Identity Card Nepal

3. Pay the passport fee

Pay epassport fee
Room No. 6, 7, and 8 is for the Payment of the ePassport fee

Those who have not paid online can pay for the e-passport fee from gates no. 6, 7, and 8.

4. Submit Biometrics

Biometrics Submission in DOP
Citizen-giving Biometrics inside DOP, Kathmandu

After completing the verification process and paying the application fee, you now will be guided to the Biometrics room.

The officer will take a digital signature, photograph, and fingerprints.

As you have filled out the Passport Pre-Enrollment form yourself you will be asked if all the information you’ve provided is correct.

If there is an error in the application, then Rs 5000 will be fined. So, please make sure you recheck and correct during the Biometrics submission.

5. Completion, wait for Print.

After successfully submitting the biometrics, they will give you an official stamp and sign your application form, National Identity Numer, and Payment Voucher.

The document and Biometrics submission for Passport Nepal end here.

Now, you need to wait until your passport is printed. It will take 2 to 3 days on average if all the documents you provided are correct.

All the information in this article has been written based on Personal Experiences only. I do not work or am affiliated with DOP in any way.

Images are subject to copyright.

Opening Hours and Application Submission Time

The Department of Passport Office is open six days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be closed on Saturdays and Public holidays as well.

DOP will close early on Sundays at 3:30 pm so make plans according to this if you plan to visit.

Monday10 AM–5 PM
Tuesday10 AM–5 PM
Wednesday10 AM–5 PM
Thursday10 AM–5 PM
Friday10 AM–3 PM
Sunday10 AM–3:30 PM

Suggest new hours


Where can I submit Passport Biometrics in Nepal?

You can select your Nearest District Administrative Office or the Department of Passport Office in Tripureswor.

Documents Needed While Biometrics Submission

The documents that you need while applying for Biometrics submission are:
1. Application Form
2. National Identity Number
3. Citizenship
4. Payment Slip

How much time will this form submission take?

I will take around one and half hour to two hours to finish all the process inside DOP.

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