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e-passport nepal pre-enrollement process
ArticleE-passport Nepal Application Process
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Year2079 | 2023
epassport Nepal Application Process 2023

Apply for an e-passport online or in person: Download the passport Application PDF Form.

How to Apply for an E-Passport online in Nepal

To apply for an e-passport, applicants are required to fill up an Online Pre-enrollment Application form, make an appointment, upload documents, Pay a fee then take the printed form in DAO for biometrics and form submission.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Department of Passports website at
  2. Scroll down and click on “Passport First Issue.
  3. Choose passport types: 34 & 66 pages.
  4. Select the Appointment Date and Location.
  5. Fill up the applicant’s information.
  6. Upload citizenship front and back for the First issuance.
  7. Review the Summary & Copy the reference number.
  8. Download the application file and print it.

The Department of Passports Nepal has announced that it will open its online e-passport application system at 3:30 pm every day.

Previously it was 11:00 am; they change time frequently so I suggest checking their notice section for more information in future.


ePassport Online Application
Select New Issue e-Passport Application to apply

The first step is to visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Passports Nepal.

Click on Apply for Passport and choose the Type of Application which has the following options:

  • First Issue: If you are applying for a passport for the first time.
  • Renewal: If you want to renew.
  • Lost/Stolen: If your passport is lost or stolen.
  • Damaged: If you somehow damaged it and it is not usable.

Choosing Passport Type

Select Passport Type
epassport Nepal online form

You will get two options, 34 and 66 pages, and you can choose this according to your requirement. If you travel out of the country frequently, choose 66; otherwise, 34 is fine.

You also get Service, Diplomatic, Official, Temporary, and Seamen options. (You do not need to do anything if you want a regular passport)

Click on Proceed, and again click on I Agree on “Data Privacy Consent” to proceed further.

Select the Appointment Date and Location

Appointment Date for E-Passport Nepal
Choose an Appointment Date for E-Passport Nepal

As stated above, DOP announced on 20th December 2022 that they had moved Online Application at 3:30 pm due to the high traffic load and slow server.

So, if you cannot choose the Appointment Location or Date, try after 4:00 pm.

Fill up the applicant’s information

Citizenship Details for Passport Nepal
Fill up all the information

Here you need to fill in Demographic Information, Citizenship Information, Applicant’s Contact and Contact Details in Case of Emergency.

Demographic Information: This includes your basic information such as Name, Gender, DOB and Parents’ Name.

Citizenship Information: Use the information in your Citizenship to fill in the details.

Applicant’s Contact: Phone Number and Email address.

Contact Details in Case of Emergency: Use your parent’s or spouse’s detail.

Upload Documents

required documents for Passport
Upload required documents for ePassport Nepal

Here you need to upload all the documents, such as Citizenship (Both front and back side). Also, if you are married or divorced, upload those documents.

Review the Application and Save the reference number

ePassport Reference number
ePassport Reference number |

This is the final check before submitting your online e-passport application. You can also edit or change it later if you see a mistake.

Save the Reference number, and you can use this number later to check the e-passport application status through DOP or the e-Passport mobile app.

Download the application PDF file and print

Finally, you will get your application form with a bar code where your appointment location, date and time are displayed.

Click on Download PDF to download and print the form. You have to take this to the appointment location on the selected date.

Information on E-Passport Nepal

The ministry of foreign Affairs says E-Passport is the same as Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and contains the same information. The only difference will be an added chip to hold Biometrics data.

Biometrics hold the digital information of a citizen, such as photographs, Signatures, Fingerprints and Eye scans.

If you want a Regular Passport, it is still available to apply for through District Administrative Office.

Documents Required for e-Passport application

The documents that you need to upload while applying are Citizenship (both sides) and National Identity Card Number (Optional).

For the First Issuance of an Adult Passport

  • Passport size Photo
  • Nepali Citizenship Certificate (front and back Page)
  • Validated National Identity Number

For First Issuance of a Minor’s Passport:
i) Minor Citizenship Certificate
ii) Marriage Registration Certificate of parents
iii) Citizenship Certificates of parents (front and back page)
iv) District Verification Letter containing the applicant’s photo
(The e-Passport will be issued with a validity period of 5 years to such children. The
validity of the passport of the minors aged between 10-16 will be 10 years.)

The documents you need while applying for a passport might differ according to the applicant’s situation. For married, Single, Divorcee and Minors have different document requirements.

The documents you upload must have a size of less than 300 kb, and the only supported formats are jpeg and png.

Fees and Payment

ePassport Fees Nepal
All ePassport Fees in Nepal

Processing Time & Collection

According to the MOFA Department of Passport, It generally takes 2 to 3 working days after enrollment. Only if all the document you have provided is correct and no errors have been detected.

You can collect your passport after it is ready. You can check your passport’s status through their website or the Nepal epassport app, which is available for android devices.

Images in this blog are produced through screenshots or created for information purposes only. We are not affiliated with the Department of Passport of Nepal.

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