How to Take Loan in NTC | Code to Activate Sapati

how to take ntc loan service

Guide on How to activate loan or sapati in your NTC sim card, as there are times when you are low on cash or cannot recharge your sim and need to make an urgent call. For times like this NTC has introduced an easy loan service for their users.

This sapati service is not new and has been in operation since 2018, available to everyone who uses Nepal Telecom’s Namaste GSM and CDMA prepaid sim cards. It allows users to call even if their balance is zero. Learn how you can use the Namaste Credit.

Also, if you do not want to take a loan then you can ask for help from your friend.

How to Take Loan in NTC Easy Process 2022

Nepal Telecom’s Namaste sim does not charge any service fee for sapati. If you are a Ncell user then you might have seen they charge around Rs. 2.55 for one time activation of Sapati on balance and internet data.

If you are wondering how much loan NTC gives then it depends on your loyalty and this can be used for NTC voice calls, SMS and Data use.

The process to take loan in NTC 2021 and 2022 is the same and it has not been changed. You can get a loan from NTC using the methods listed below.

NTC Loan Process – 3 Easy Steps

  • Go to your mobile’s Message Box
  • Type “Start” and then
  • Send it to “1477
ntc sapati easy process 2022
NTC easy loan process 2022

After this, they will activate your service and now you can use it.

Features of NTC Credit | Sapato

  • NTC loan SMS code is 1477
  • This service is available for Prepaid Customers
  • You will have to only pay the amount that you use
  • Sapati amount will be cut when you recharge your balance again
  • If you recharge less than the sapati amount then they will cut 60% from that balance
  • Eg. If you take a loan of Rs. 40 and recharge only 30 then they will cut Rs. 18 this time remaining will be deducted from the next recharge.
  • NO CALL DROP which is as it says your call will not get cut due to low balance, and there will be no EXTRA CHARGES.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

To use the NTC credit service SMS “start and send it to 1477”

To check the remaining balance “Type Status and Send an SMS to 1477”.

If you do not want to continue then “Type Stop and Send SMS to 1477”.

It depends on how long you have been a Namaste user, they will decide this based on your usage of the network, recharge frequency, and the age of the SIM card. “You can expect to get from Rs. 5 up to Rs. 20”

No, to use this service you will need to have at least 3 months old sim card.

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