How to get free data in NTC

Nepal Telecom brings such an offer where they give their subscribers free Data from time to time. But is there any offer in 2022 and how to get free data in NTC?

Recently I installed the “Nepal Telecom” Mobile app and after the registration free, 500MB of data was added to my account free of charge.

How to get free data in NTC by downloading App

As I’ve stated in the above paragraph you will get free Data when you download and register for the Nepal Telecom app. The process is easy and quick just search for Nepal Telecom App in App Store or Google Play and then follow the steps below.

  • Download Free Nepal Telecom Mobile App
  • Register with your NTC mobile number (important)
  • Once registered with the number you will receive free 500 MB data with 3 days validity.
  • Note: registered numbers will get free data.

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