How to Activate NTC Voice Packs | Day, Night, And Unlimited

How to Take NTC Voice Packs?

NTC Voice Packs are for those people who have a lot of talking to do. You will be charged Rs. 1.5 Per Minute within Nepal Telecom sims. But if you are calling other networks then you will have to pay Rs. 2 per minute. Which is expensive so, how to get cheap calling rates in Nepal?

The answer is simple Namaste’s Voice Package will reduce your cost of talk time.

That is why these packages are important if you have a lot of calling to do. Taking these packages will help you with a better calling experience and give you more talk time without worrying about your NTC Balance.

This Nepal Telecom Voice Pack is available for both Prepaid, Postpaid, and newly launched NTC eSIM sims.

How to Activate NTC Voice Packs | Day, Night, And Unlimited

In this article, you will get all the information regarding NTC voice packs in Nepal in July 2022 updated. From the activation process to all the available packs and their rates.

Nepal Telecom has packages available for everyone you can choose services as per your requirements for cheaper Talktime. They have managed to distinguish and provide voice packs as per customers’ needs.

You have choices from Day or Night, Within Network to All networks, and limited to unlimited.

How to Activate Take NTC Voice Pack?

You can activate NTC Voice Pack through different methods which are Code, App, SMS, and Web Selfcare. There are many voice pack codes available

1. Buy NTC voice pack using Keypad – Code

Buying or activating a voice package is easy just follow the steps below, if you get confused then look at the image.

  1. Go to your Phone Keypad
  2. Type *1415# then Send
  3. Replay “Type 4” and send
  4. Choose NT-NT or All Network
  5. Choose the required Namaste voice pack.
Activate-Buy NTC voice pack in Nepal 2022 from phone
Activate/Buy NTC voice pack tutorial Image

2. Buy the NTC voice pack using NT App

To buy a voice pack from the NTC app

  • Open the NT app
  • Click on Buy Packs
  • Click the first option and choose Voice Packs
  • Choose subtype eg. (Day, Night, Unlimited, NT-NT, NT-Other Networks,)
  • Finally, select the package that suits you the most.
Buy NTC Voice pack from NT app step by step image
NTC app – buy voice pack 2022

3. Buy an NTC Voice pack from Selfcare

  • Visit the self-care Package Page
  • Login or Signup
  • Choose the package from the options.
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Payment from the Balance available
  • Done.
buy ntc voice pack in nepal 2022 update from selfcare website credit card and balance
Voice Pack from Web

4. Take NTC voice pack from SMS

  • Night Pack: send a message NV70 to 1415, for 70 minutes of the night voice pack.
  • Night Pack Unlimited: send a message NVUNL to 1415.
  • Check below for more.

NTC Voice Packs Rates

Everyone has their own time requirements and a fixed schedule to make a phone call. Therefore Nepal Telecom has come up with different packages with different timing and rates for you to choose from.

1. All Time Voice Pack Rates (Nepal Telecom Network Only)

This is for those who want to have a quick conversation long enough to last at least 10 minutes or more. However, this service is for those whose friends and family is using Nepal Telecom sim.

If you call anyone not using Namaste sim, you will be charged normally. To activate this service follow the list below

  • Go to keypad
  • Type 4 and Send (Voice Pack)
  • Type 1 and Send (Nt-Nt)
  • Choose your pack
  • Done
PriceTimeValiditySMS Code
Rs 1216 Minutes1 DayVoice 16 & Send to 1415
Rs 2550 Minutes1 DayVoice 50 & Send to 1415
Rs 40100 Minutes3 DaysVoice 100 & Send to 1415
Rs 100200 Minutes7 DaysVoice 200 & Send to 1415
Rs 250520 Minutes28 DaysVoice 520 & Send to 1415
Rs 5001300 Minutes35 DaysVoice 1300 & Send to 1415
All Time Voice Pack rates for NTC to NTC Only 2022

2. All Time All Network Voice Packages

If your circle uses different telecom networks such as Namaste, Ncell, and Smart then you should go with this one. Unlike the above NT-NT, you can make calls to anyone and at any time unless your pack expires.

You can call NTC to Ncell from this voice pack, to activate this service follow the list below

  • Go to keypad
  • Type 4 and Send (Voice Pack)
  • Type 2 and Send (All Network)
  • Choose your pack
  • Done
Rs 1520 Minutes1 Day
Rs 49100 Minutes3 Days
Rs 265520 Minutes28 Days
Rs 5501300 Minutes35 Days
All Time All Network Voice Packages Rates

3. Unlimited All Net(National)

If you are operating a business or extremely busy person who needs to call frequently then this is the perfect NTC voice pack for you.

You can choose from 2 different packs which have the same rate but different timing Morning and Night. This service will expire after 24 hours and you can call as much as you like within the stated hours.

Rs 255 AM to 5 PM24 Hours
Rs 2510 PM-6 AM24 Hours
Unlimited All Network Call

4. Recurring All Time On Voice Pack

By starting this service you will get unlimited calls for a week or month. If you choose a week pack then you will get 110 minutes of calls every day for a week. Likewise, if you choose a month pack then you will get 100 minutes of calls every day for 28 days.

This limited reset after 24 hours, so, if you were unable to finish your 100 minutes then that will expire and new 100 minutes will be added the next day. Check the table below for pricing and validity.

Here is ntc unlimited voice pack for 1 month through which you can make calls up to 100 minutes/day for the next 28 days from the day of activation. You can activate this by

  • Go to the keypad Dail *1415#
  • Type 1 and Send (Summer)
  • Type 7 and Send (Eco Voice)
  • Choose your package (Week or Month)
  • Done
Rs 95110 Minutes/Day7 Days
Rs 375100 Minutes/Day28 Days
Everyday voice pack in namaste sim

More about this Service

Taking NTC unlimited voice pack for 1 month will make it extremely cheap if you have to constantly make calls within Nepal telecom networks as the price for this package is Rs 375 for 28 days.

You will have a talk time of 100 minutes/day which will lower the call rates to as low as Rs 0.134/minute making this one of the best options.

How to check ntc voice pack?

To check the voice pack in NTC follow any of the listed steps below

  1. Message vl/fr to 1415.
  2. Message vlvoice to 1415, To know the validity date of the pack.
  3. Dail *1415*55# and then send. (you will receive a message with the remaining volume)

How to unsubscribe ntc voice pack

These are one time activation packages that will be effective immediately and deduct your balance. So, you cannot ask for a refund or cancel after starting this service.

How can I gift ntc voice pack?

You can also gift an NTC voice pack to your friends, family, colleagues, or lovers from either the NT app or from’s self-care.

Can I call from NTC to Ncell using Voice pack?

Yes, if you buy a network pack then you can call any sim in Nepal. There is no service available such as NTC international call voice pack.

Does NTC provide free voice calls?

Yes, currently there is an offer if you activate VoLTE service then you can get free NTC voice calls worth 100 minutes which will expire after 28 days.

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