How to transfer balance in NTC – Easy Guide

Nepal Telecom is a very well known Telecom company in Nepal, it has brought a lot of features for its users and transfer balance in NTC is one of them.

If you cannot recharge or do not have enough money to charge your balance then you can simply ask your friend for help. It is ab easy process and takes no less than a few seconds.

This feature of Balance Transfer is available in Ncell as well.

How to transfer balance in NTC – Full Guide

Currently, there are 3 options available if you want to transfer the balance from Ntc to Ntc.

  1. Through USSD (Dial Number and Security Code)
  2. NT App or Nepal Telecom App (Available on both IOS & Android)
  3. Self-care service (Website)

Also if you are wondering how to transfer balance in NTC without a security code then do not worry as we have an easy answer for it as well.

How to Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC using Keypad (USSD)

If you know your NTC’s security code then you can easily transfer the balance in a few seconds using the code below.

  1. *422*SecurityCode*DestinationNumber*Amount in Rs.#
  2. Eg. *422*9840600000*12345678*100#

If you have forgotten your code then, I have a guide to getting the security code below

How can I get the security code in NTC?

Nowadays getting or recovering your security code is easy in NTC sim. These are usually used when you want to send money from one sim to another.

Other than Balance Transfer you need Security Code for SIM block and SIM Re-activate as well so keep it safe for the future. To recover your code follow the instruction below

  • Type “SCODE” and send it to 1415
  • Then you will receive your Security Code
How can I get the security code in NTC?
recover security code in NTC easy – image

NT App or Nepal Telecom App

How to Balance transfer through NT App or Nepal Telecom App
Balance transfer from NT app

Nepal telecom app is a useful tool you can use to do all the NTC-related things easily and fast.

  1. Download the app from App Store or Play Store
  2. Register your Number
  3. Click on Transfer Balance
  4. Type your Number and Amount
  5. Type your Security Number & click send.
  6. Done

You can see the above images if you get confused about how to use the app.

How to transfer balance in NTC without security code: Self-care service (Website)

transfer balance without security code in NTC

This method might be a little time consuming as you will need to create a new account (if you do not have one) and then fill up your profile. After that, you can transfer money from one sim to another.

You can transfer the balance from one NTC sim to another without a security code using this process listed below.

  1. Visit
  2. Create a new account or login (Number and Password only)
  3. Fill up your Profile with Important details only
  4. Now Click on Transfer
  5. Type receiver number, and amount then press Send OTP
  6. You will receive OTP on your phone
  7. Enter Activation Code then click send
  8. Transfer Complete

Rules to transfer balance in NTC

There are certain rules set by Nepal Telecom if you want to transfer money from an NTC sim to another NTC mobile.

  1. A minimum of Rs 10 and a maximum of Rs 500 can be transferred per day.
  2. A maximum of 20 transactions is available per day
  3. Balance transfer in NTC is only available to Prepaid GSM users (Postpaid users not allowed)

If you are wondering how to transfer balance in NTC from Ncell then it is not possible as both the telecom company are different and does not support each other’s services.

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