How to Book and Buy Movie Tickets Online?

How to Buy Movie Ticket Online Nepal

Digital Wallets in Nepal like Khalti, eSewa, IME pay, and many others offer the service to easily buy movie tickets online in Nepal.

These wallets do not charge any service fee but often offer discount coupons on first-time bookings for your online movie ticket.


The requirements to book movie tickets online are as follows.

  • Digital wallet or Cinema Hall app
  • Load Balance
  • Cinema Hall Near Your Location

How to Book Movie Ticket Online?

To book a movie ticket online you must have a digital wallet or Cinema Hall’s mobile app or account.

Booking an online film ticket is easy, and convenient and you also get a chance to advance the book from the comfort of your home.

Buy Movie Online via Khalti App

buy movie ticket online in nepal using khalti app

To buy a movie ticket online via a Khalti app follow the steps listed below.

  1. Login to your Khalti account.
  2. Tap on the “Movie” icon from the Entertainment section.
  3. Select the Movie you want to watch.
  4. Choose the Cinema Hall and Location.
  5. Choose Date and Time.
  6. Select the number of seats.
  7. Add Coupon (If any).
  8. Click on “Buy Ticket” and download your tickets.

You can download the ticket from the Khalti app also a copy will be sent to your email address.

Khalti Movie Coupon Codes

If you are buying a Movie Ticket for the first time using Khalti then enter the coupon code “CINEMA” and if you are planning to go to the Cineplex hall then use “CINEPLEX“.

Via eSewa app

To book a film ticket online using the eSewa app follow the steps below.

  • Login to your eSewa app.
  • Tap on the Movies icon.
  • Choose the nearest or your favorite Cinema Hall.
  • Choose the date and movie you want to watch.
  • Choose location (City you live in)
  • Choose the time you want to watch.
  • Pay and Download the ticket.

How to Use the Movie Ticket purchased online?

You will receive an option to download your ticket as a PDF file or send it to your mail which can be easily saved in your mobile phone. All you need to do is take the Ticket which has QR codes and show them while scanning.

Sample of movie ticket bought online in Nepal using khalti app

Online ticket Sample in Nepal
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