How to Buy Netflix Subscription in Nepal

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world with thousands of movies but how to buy Netflix Subscription in Nepal?

Netflix is officially available in Nepal currently its plans range from USD3.99 to USD11.99 a month and also they are planning to launch an ad serving plan which will be cheaper than the above.

Netflix releases Blockbuster movies, Series, and TV shows, and every year there is always buzz about some show that is loved by its audiences.

Money Heist from Spain, Alice in Borderland from Japan, All of Us are Dead from South Korea, Sacred Games from India and other shows like Stranger Things or Never have I evermore. They never disappoint and the audience can enjoy shows from different nations on a single platform.

After its original series, Netflix also adds movies and shows.

How to Buy Netflix Subscription in Nepal

Even though Netflix in Nepal is legal and anyone from Nepal can buy it. Its payment method makes it difficult for Nepalese. As you will need a Dollar Card in Nepal to buy these subscriptions.

So, how can I buy Netflix from Nepal without a dollar card or PayPal in Nepal? the answer is through 3rd party merchants.

There are hundreds of Facebook pages that offer these services but it has scam risks that can result in losing your money.

Not gonna lie I’ve also bought Netflix Account from a FB page and they are a lot cheaper than the official price. If you are wondering how they manage to give us these accounts at a cheap rate is that they buy premium accounts that can hold 4 users and sell 1 slot for 350 to 400 rupees per month.

I suggest you buy the account from trusted sellers only, there are a lot of Gift Card websites which is officially available in eSewa and Khalti.

Websites where you can Buy Netflix Account in Nepal through eSewa or Khalti

Premium Nepal (VPN Required)Rs 29029 Days
Hamro FlixRs 90090 Days
KunyoRs 50030 Days
Mero Gift CardRs 115055 Days
Cheapest Netflix Price in Nepal comparison

These sellers usually buy premium accounts with 4 users and sell you 1 of the account with 4-digit password protect.

All 4 users have access to this account but only the users who have pins will be able to watch Netflix.

Please check and confirm yourself before purchasing any of the products. We take no responsibility for fraud or scams. As my friend got scammed on Facebook while trying to buy a Paypal balance in Nepal. Thank You.

Apart from Netflix they also sell subscriptions to Amazon Prime in Nepal.

Advantages of Premium Netflix

  • Download to watch offline
  • Advertisement Free
  • High Quality
  • Device Compatibility
  • Watch Anywhere (Mobile, TV, Tablet, Laptops)
  • Best Watching Experience

Netflix Official Price list for Nepal

This is the official Netflix subscription price for Nepal, it starts from $3.99 to $11.99 and you can choose from any of the plans.

You can choose according to your needs, as some will support HD and others will not. If you buy $3.99 then you will only be able to watch on Phones and Tables.

How to buy Netflix in Nepal
Netflix Price in Nepal

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