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The era of an online transaction has made life easier and more convenient day by day, the thing that used to be complicated and time-consuming is now done within a few clicks and from your home. You can easily book a flight ticket online in Nepal.

There are many digital wallets from which you can easily book your flight tickets for any dates you desire and at an affordable price without having to pay any extra charges or fees. You can check the list of Digital Wallets in Nepal.

How to book a flight ticket online in Nepal

Booking a plane ticket online is easy but the question arises is which website or digital wallet should you use to book your flight online here in Nepal? As there are countless ways you can book air tickets online in Nepal.

Most of these apps provide discounts, cashback, bonuses, and reward points which later can be converted into cash.

I mainly use eSewa and Khalti Digital Wallet for most of my online payments as I believe they are two online payment methods available here in Nepal.

So, today I am going to show you how you can buy flight/plane tickets online through eSewa/Khalti App easily.

How to Buy Plane Ticket Online Through eSewa App

You can book your domestic flight ticket through the eSewa app with these easy steps.

  1. Login to your eSewa Account
  2. Click on Flights
  3. Select desired trip [One Way or Two Way (return)]
  4. Select location and destination
  5. Select the desired date you want to travel
  6. Select no. of Travellers
  7. Click on search

You will be clear through step by step image guide given below just follow the steps.

Step 1: Select Location, Destination, Date, and Travellers.
how to Book flight online through esewa
Book domestic flight tickets online – search flight through esewa

Do not forget to check coupons, most of the time eSewa and buddha airlines are giving away discount coupons that you can use to save money while traveling.

If you are on the mobile app then Click on Offer > Promotion > Promo Code.

Step 2: Select Desired Airlines, Time, Price, Click on Book, and then complete payment.

Here you will be able to see all the available domestic Nepali airline flights, prices, and times. Select which suits you the most and then click on book.

After completing the payment you will get all the details on your phone SMS and email.

You can either print that or take a screenshot or just show them the SMS while traveling that’s it. You are ready to board the plane.

plane ticket price in Nepal buddha air and yeti airlines
domestic plane ticket price in Nepal – eSewa app

As of 26th May 2022, Buddha airlines ticket price in Nepal Is the cheapest in this app. It is charging rs4000, giving rs40 cashback, and also there is a reward point of 75.

Now, let us compare the same details on another app if we find any difference in the pricing of flights in Nepal.

How to Buy Plane Ticket Online Through Khalti App

The procedure to buy airlines ticket in Khalti apps is also the same as above the only difference you can see is pricing as these both are competitors. Sometimes one of the apps will provide a better discount coupon for you which is a win situation for us.

  1. Login to you Khalti app
  2. Click on Flight
  3. Select your location(airport) and Destination
  4. Select on which date you want to travel
  5. No. of Passengers
  6. Select the airline, time, and price you want to travel with

How to get ticket details in the Khalti app? Go to Booking > Flight Bookings > Then simply select the ticket > Download it.

Image Guide to book domestic flight from Khalti App

book a flight ticket online in Nepal
search plan ticket in Nepal

Follow the same steps as in Image just select your location and desired destination.

book a flight ticket online in Nepal
domestic plane price in Nepal through khalti app

As you can see we have the same filters on both the apps and Khalti is giving rs80 as a bonus which is cashback that you will get in your bonus balance. eSewa currently has rs40 as cashback as of 26th May 2022.

The apps Mentioned in This Post are eSewa and Khalti Digital Wallets of Nepal. All the information shared in this article is based on the experience of booking the ticket online.

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