How to Withdraw Money from Google Adsense 2024?

Withdraw Adsense payment in Nepal
Payment Date21st of every month
Withdrawl MethodsBank Transfer or Check
Minimum Withdrawl$100
Bank Transfer (Time)2 Days to a Week
Charges (Tax)5% (TDS)
Recommended MethodBank Transfer (Wire)
Adsense payment withdrawal in Nepal 2024

Google Adsense pays its publishers both Website and YouTube on the 21st of every month, and here is a simple guide on how you can withdraw your money from Google Adsense in Nepal.

AdSense is an advertising program owned by Google that allows website or app owners, publishers, and YouTubers to earn money by displaying ads on their websites and between videos.

Publishers partnered with them get paid based on CPC and CPM, which means you get paid when visitors click on or view ads.

How to Withdraw Money from Google Adsense in Nepal?

Withdraw Money from Google Adsense in Nepal
Image of Payment Method in Adsense from Nepal

To withdraw your money from Google Adsense in Nepal you set up a Bank Account as a primary Payment Method.

Google Adsense publishers in Nepal receive their money from a direct Bank Transfer on the 21st of every month if you have earned more than $100.

It usually takes anywhere from 2 days to 10 days maximum to get deposited in your bank account.

Any Commercial bank is recommended, I used NMB Bank and currently using Global IME Bank Limited (recommended).

I receive by adsense payment through Global IME bank within the 22nd (If there are no public holidays).

Adsense will release your Payment without fail, but If you do not receive your earnings within a week, check if banks were closed for festivals or other reasons.

Banks will not process the transaction if it is closed. Nepal has a lot of festivals and holidays sometimes, and it might take up to 10 days.

Check How much you can Earn from Adsense using the Google Adsense Calculator in Nepal.

How to Add Payment Method?

To add a payment method to your AdSense account, first

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Tap on Payment> Click on Payment Info,
  3. Click on Manage payment methods.
  4. Click on Add payment method.
  5. Choose Wire Transfer or Check.
  6. Add Details and Save.

Adsense used to support Western Union Money Transfer as a payment method, but as of August 10, 2020, they stopped it and suggested selecting another method.

How to add Nepali Banks to an Adsense Account?

Adsense Earning in Nepali Banks
Withdraw Money from Google Adsense in Nepali Banks 2024

Follow the steps listed below to add a Nepali Bank as Adsense’s primary payment method.

  1. First, Choose to Add new wire transfer details.
  2. Enter your Name on the bank account,
  3. Enter Bank name,
  4. Enter SWIFT BIC
  5. Bank Account number
  6. Set as the primary payment method
  7. Then, save it.

SWIFT BIC code is a unique code with around 8-11 characters. You can search on Google or ask your bank.

Beneficiary ID, Intermediary Bank, and FFC or FBO are optional.


How can I withdraw money from YouTube Adsense in Nepal?

You can link your Bank Account in the payment section of YouTube AdSense. YouTube will pay directly to your Bank account on the 21st of every month if you have earned $100 or more.

Why Adsense Payment Not Received in Bank Account?

It is important to note that there will be delays if there are any public holidays as Banks will be closed, thus unable to process the International Transfer.
If you do not receive your withdrawal amount within 10-15 days, you can contact the Adsense support team to Request a SWIFT copy to track your Payment.

When does Adsense pay in Nepal?

Adsense starts releasing payments from the 21st monthly, so your payment release might get delayed to a day or 2 days. If you have reached the threshold amount, which is $100, then you will get paid automatically.

Which Nepali banks can I use to withdraw my Adsense balance?

I highly recommend Global IME Bank Ltd, as withdrawals are much faster compared to most of the banks. I have experience using both NMB Bank and Global IME. I suggest you talk to your bank for better information and service.

How much charge or tax do I need to pay on Adsense earnings in Nepal?

5% deduction will be imposed directly through banks on your AdSense earnings. Use Nepali Nerd’s AdSense earning calculator to calculate your final earnings.

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