Nepali Months Name in English

Nepali Months Name in english nepali and newari

Vikram Samvat or Bikram Sambat (विक्रम संवत) is the official calendar of Nepal. The Nepali Bikram Sambat was introduced in 1901 AD.

The Nepali new year or Bikram Sambat’s 1st year “Baisakh” starts with the Gregorian month being April–May and so on.

How to Say Nepali Months Name in English

Nepali MonthsIn EnglishNo. DaysAD Conversion
वैशाखBaishākh30 / 31Mid-April to mid-May
जेठ/ज्येष्ठJeṭha31 / 32Mid-May to mid-June
असारAsār31 / 32Mid-June to mid-July
साउनSāun31 / 32Mid-July to mid-August
भदौBhadau31 / 32Mid-August to mid-September
असोजAsoj30 / 31Mid-September to mid-October
कात्तिकKāttik29 / 30Mid-October to mid-November
मंसिरMangsir29 / 30Mid-November to mid-December
पुषPush29 / 30Mid-December to mid-January
माघMagh29 / 30Mid-January to mid-February
फागुनPhāgun29 / 30Mid-February to mid-March
चैतChait30 / 31Mid-March to mid-April
Nepali Months Name in English

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How to Say English Months in Nepali and Newari

Month Name in EnglishMonth Name in NepaliMonth Name in Newari
Januaryजनवरीपोहेला (Pohelā)
Februaryफेब्रुअरीसिल्ला (Sillā)
Marchमार्चचिल्ला (Chillā)
Aprilअप्रिलचौला (Chaulā)
Mayमेबछला (Bachhalā)
Juneजुनतछला (Tachhalā)
Julyजुलाईदिल्ला (Dillā)
Augustअगस्तगुंला (Gunlā)
Septemberसेप्टेम्बरञला (Yanlā)
Octoberअक्टुबरकौला (Kaulā)
Novemberनोभेम्बरकछला (Kachhalā)
Decemberडिसेम्बरथिंला (Thinlā)
English Months in Nepali and Newari

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Nepal is full of festivals and different cultural regional and religious events. You can find a festival every month whether it is small or big. Nepalese will celebrate it equally and with full joy.

The beginning of the year is very special for every Nepalese people as we believe celebrating it with full joy and with family brings happiness all year long.

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