Everything you need to Know about Shark Tank Nepal

Shark tank nepal - application tutorial, dates, sharks, and more in nepal

Finally, after being in existence for more than a decade and giving the desired capital to the deserving candidates, if not promoting participant’s products, Shark Tank Nepal is here.

Our neighboring country India got its show last year and is ready for the second season. It was a huge success not just for the show but for everyone including Judges and Participants.

Judges from Shark Tank India got famous for their dialogues, behaviors, and the way they connected with the pitchers.

Shark Tank is an American show that started in 2009 and is operating to date has 13 seasons and 295 episodes and counting.

Participating in this show seems beneficial for pitchers not only for the capital but also for the exposure to millions of potential customers.

So, are you applying for this show and pitching your product in front of Nepal?

How to Apply for Shark Tank Nepal Application

There are currently two ways you can apply for Shark Tank Nepal from Himalaya Television Official Website or App.

The questions in this form are mostly related to you and your company and are easy to fill. If you have a track of your company’s financials and fundamentals then filling out this form is easy.

  1. Download the official App: Himalaya Tv App, you can read the full article on techsathi. They’ve covered how you can apply from Mobile App.
  2. Through Himalaya Tv official website Shark Tank Nepal application form

I will add screenshots of the Website form below for better understanding.

Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 1
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 1
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 2
Application Form Part 2
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 3
Application Form Part 3
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 4
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 4
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 5
Shark Tank Nepal Application Form Part 5

This is how the application looks you need to fill in all the details that are marked (*) those are compulsory.

Who can Participate in Shark Tank Nepal?

The official website clearly states that your business needs to be established and generate revenue. And need capital investment to expand.

Also, this is for Nepalese Citizens only, and your business needs to be registered.

Who are the Sharks of Shark Tank Nepal?

Usually, top businessmen and women who have established themselves are called to judge. The Sharks will be revealed soon.

How much investment can you get from Sharks?

This usually depends on your company’s valuation. Initially the revenue you are generating on a monthly and yearly basis. The plans you have for expansion and new ideas.

In the end, the Sharks will decide what amount they are going to invest in you and your company.

Where can I read more about Shark Tank Nepal?

You can visit the Himalaya Television Official Website to read more about the show. Click Here

This is exciting news for all the young and deserving entrepreneurs as we get our very own Shark Tank Nepal where you get an opportunity to not only get investment but also connect with the top and established businesspeople of Nepal.

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