Top Departmental Stores & Supermarkets in Nepal

Top Departmental Stores & Supermarkets in Nepal

The idea of Departmental Stores in Nepal was very rare a few years back, as there were different challenges that had to be overcome before investing in these ideas.

A lack of customers and small vendors selling specific or consumer-targeted products made these departmental stores hard to compete with. But still, in today’s date, there are numerous stores attracting thousands of customers daily.

The fact that they sell products at Market Rated prices is one of the main reasons why I shop in these stores.

Departmental Stores & Supermarket in Nepal

I think supermarkets are the new retail powerhouses. They’re not just about selling groceries anymore. These stores have become a destination or an entertainment hub for the youngster and parents alike.

When you visit a department store, you might notice that there are different sections within the store. These sections include clothing, home goods, electronics, toys, and so on. Each section has its own unique products, which makes it easier for customers to shop.

Some has less department while other’s have more.

Departmental Stores in Kathmandu

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal does have more than 10 supermarkets but here I am listing these stores based on their popularity.

Kathmandu has most of the facilities compared to other cities. Be it online stores, restaurants, government offices, or Marts.

Below are 10 Departmental Stores that you might have definitely heard of.

1Bhatbhateni SupermarketBhat-Bhateni, Kathmandu
2Kathmandu SupermarketBahundhara, Kathmandu
3Big MartSaraswatinagar (62 outlets)
4Jalpa MartBaniyatar Rd, Kathmandu
5Easy MartGotthatar, Kathmandu
6TmartJorpati-3, Shantitole , Kathmandu
7Saleways Department StoreJawalakhel, Kathmandu
8DilliBazar Super MarketDillibazar, Kathmandu
9Department Store Pvt. LtdNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
10Central Departmental StoreKhichapokhari, Kathmandu
Departmental Stores inside Kathmandu Valley

Departmental Stores in Pokhara

Unlike, Kathmandu the beautiful city Pokhara has limited stores, and here are some listed below.

1Bhatbhateni SupermarketNew Road, Pokhara
2Saleways Departmental StoreMahendra Pul, Pokhara
3Next Shopping CenteSabhagriha Chowk, Pokhara
4Tej Departmental StoresBirauta Chowk, Pokhara
5Goshali Departmental StoreNew Road, Pokhara
Departmental Store in Pokhara

4 Reasons Why People Love Shopping at Departmental Stores

Department stores offer a variety of goods and services under one roof that appeal to many people. They also provide a convenient shopping experience for customers.

These stores are located in places that are easy to find making the shopping experience better.

They offer great deals.

Department stores often offer special discounts and promotions to attract new shoppers. These sales help department stores compete with other retailers who sell similar items.

Recently, Bhatbhateni launched a new branch in Tokha Area, Kathmandu and they are offering a 10% discount on all of their products. The offer was still running in June 2022.

The opening of the store was huge, and the crowd was unbelievable.

Their customer service is excellent.

Department stores also provide customers with exceptional customer service. They understand that people shop differently than brick-and-mortar stores do. That’s why they offer free delivery, extended store hours, and even personal shopping assistance.

One extra “Nameste, welcome Sir” makes the whole mode different.

They have an extensive collection of brands.

Department stores are known as one-stop shops because they carry everything from clothing to furniture to electronics. This means that shoppers can find what they need without having to go to multiple locations.

Branded items or Original products are easy to get.

They Have A Wide Selection Of Products And Services.

Department stores also offer a variety of services, such as dry cleaning, shoe repair, and even pet grooming. These services make department stores an ideal place to shop for gifts, too.

Also, most of them have a food court placed so, you can enjoy your shopping tummy full.

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