How to Pay Online for No Objection Certificate 2023?

No Objection Certificate Online Payment

After successfully submitting your online application for the No Objection Certificate, check your email for the Application number and Amount you need to pay for NOC Letter.

The Ministry of Education of Science and Technology will send an email attached to your application form.

You can find your NOC Application Number in the top right corner. You can use it for online payment.

Online Payment Options for No Objection Certificate in Nepal?

NOC Online Payment Process
Receipt after Online Payment of NOC Letter

To pay for your No Objection Certificate (NOC) in Nepal, you can use popular digital wallet apps such as eSewa or Khalti.

These apps offer a convenient and secure way to make payments online without the need to stand in long bank lines physically.

You can easily load funds into your eSewa or Khalti account using your bank account, credit card, or debit card and pay for your NOC certificate in just a few clicks.

Payment Method, Fees, and Charges

Payment MethodFeesService Charges
Online (eSewa)NPR 2000Rs. 5 service charge
Online (Khalti)NPR 2000Rs. 5 service charge
Bank Deposit (Rastriya Banijya Bank)NPR 2000No additional charges
NOC Fees and Payment

For every No Objection Certificate created, there is a charge of Rs 2000. Check this amount in your application form for confirmation before payment.

a. NOC Payment through the eSewa app

You can pay your No Objection Certificate fee through the eSewa app by following simple steps, first open and login into your eSewa account, then,

  1. Tap on the Government Payment option.
  2. Select the No Objection Certificate option.
  3. Enter required details
    • EBP no. or Application Number and,
    • Amount
  4. Click on the “Check” button.
  5. After checking and confirming, click on Pay”

b. NOC Payment through the Khalti app

To pay your NOC fee through the Khalti app, log in, tap on ‘Government Payment’, select ‘NO Objection Certificate’, enter your application number, and make the payment.

After Payment

You need to print two emails after successfully paying the NOC fees.

One is the receipt from the digital wallet (Download the PDF directly or check your mail) other is from the MOEST NOC’s division after confirmation of payment on your email address.

Both of these documents are important and should not be missed.

Check Out the NOC Payment Video

Pay for NOC fee online 2023 | Credit: NepCan Dream


The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology charges NPR 2000 for each NOC Letter in Nepal.

MOEST accepts online payment methods, including eSewa and Khalti, and bank deposits at Rastriya Banijya Bank for NOC payments.

Yes, eSewa and Khalti charge an additional service fee of Rs 5 for online NOC payments.

Yes, these wallets will provide you with a printable PDF file as a receipt.

No, as this is a government payment, you will not get any discount or cashback for online payments.

This happens mainly due to server errors or insufficient balance. Check your balance if that is not the problem. Try again later.

You will get a receipt from both wallets and a MOEST, which is confirmation from both sides that the payment has been completed.

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